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The first 100 registered .com domains

Below you will find the list of the first registered 100 domain names, comprises of many large corporations. Interestingly Microsoft.com isn’t part of the list as it was not registered until May 1991.

Create date  Domain name
1.  15-Mar-1985SYMBOLICS.COM
2.  24-Apr-1985BBN.COM
3.  24-May-1985THINK.COM
4.  11-Jul-1985MCC.COM
5.  30-Sep-1985DEC.COM
6.  07-Nov-1985NORTHROP.COM
7.  09-Jan-1986XEROX.COM
8.  17-Jan-1986SRI.COM
9.  03-Mar-1986HP.COM
10.  05-Mar-1986BELLCORE.COM
11=  19-Mar-1986IBM.COM
11=  19-Mar-1986SUN.COM
13=  25-Mar-1986INTEL.COM

Full List

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