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TechEd 2010 Europe: Windows Phone 7 Application Development for Absolute Beginners [Webcasts]

In this brief video, Bob demonstrates where to download and how to install Visual Studio 2010 Express for Windows Phone. Additionally, he provides high-level explanations of the additional tools installed to your computer.

Installing Visual Studio 2010 Express for Windows Phone:

This video demos how to use VS2010 Express for Windows Phone to add Silverlight controls to a new project. It also covers how to write C# code that executes and displays a simple message on the phone emulator’s screen when a user clicks a button in your application. Later, Bob will answer the questions, “why did we do that?” and “how does this work?” in order to give you a deeper look into the significance of each step he took along the way.

Writing your First Windows Phone 7 Application:

Bob takes you on a tour of the WP7 Emulator: the software that mimics the real phone’s operating system so you can visualize how your app will behave once it’s installed on a real phone device. He demos how to re-orient the phone, using three buttons, modifying phone emulator settings, and more.

Overview of the Windows Phone 7 Emulator:

Bob explains C# syntax he wrote earlier on in the series. He shows the connection between the project’s.xaml files and.xaml.cs files, and provides a high-level explanation of what XAML is. By the end of this video you should have a general idea of the overall process of building an app and be able to see all the parts working together.

Dissecting the First Application you Wrote:

In this video Bob deepens your understanding of the relationship between the files in your app. He shows how to delete MainPage.xaml and it’s code-behind, and adds a new Silverlight file to the project, re-creating the Hello World example. He also explains the purpose of the WMAppMainifest.xml file and modifies the DefaultTask to point it toward the new version of our Silverlight page.

This video covers VS2010 Express for WP Integrated Development Environment (IDE). Bob demos debugging features such as setting break points to temporarily pause the execution of the code so you can peek at values and watch the reaction of the app as each line of code executes.

Overview of Visual Studio 2010 Express for Windows Phone IDE:

This video examines how to create a new project, how to open an existing project, how to close project, and more. Bob shows where on your computer your project’s code resides, and explains how your code is compiled into a .xap file, the contents of a .xap file, and how that file is then copied to the WP7 emulator.

In this video, Bob explains variables and data types, as well as setting and retrieving variable values.

This video shows Silverlight control properties and how those properties can be used to set and retrieve attributes of the object (such as the Text attribute) or, rather, the control. Beyond the use of the TextBox control, understanding how properties can be set and retrieved on objects is an important building block as we begin to learn more about classes and objects.

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