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Team Foundation Service Preview: Learning Videos

Channel9 re-recorded and reposted videos with the latest bits of Team Foundation Service Preview update.

You can watch the videos below:

Team Foundation Server Preview


Getting Started: Find out how to get started with tfspreview.com. Once you have your invitation code we show you how to create an account and create your first team project.

“We then take a look around some of the key feature areas in your Team Foundation Service Preview account. Finally we look at how to install the update into Visual Studio to allow you to connect to the Team Foundation Service Preview from Visual Studio 2010,” the team said.

Managing Security: This video look at how to add and configure new members to your teams. Also a deep dive into the security configuration capabilities of TFS and find out how to check the effective permissions of a user or group through the web site.

Agile Project Management: This video, show use of the product backlog tool to easily prioritize work by simply dragging and dropping backlog items in the list as well as how to decompose work on the backlog into epics and stories. And, also look at planning a sprint, entering team capacity and visualizing progress using the burn down charts. Finally, the video show how to use the built in task boards to manage the work throughout the sprint while keeping an eye on the progress of your team.

Using Visual Studio, Microsoft Test Manager, and Eclipse: This video look at using the TFS from Visual Studio 2010, Microsoft Test Manager 2010 and Eclipse to manage your code and track your work items.

Team Build: This video we look at how to configure and use a build server in your own organization for use with the TFS Preview. “We show how to install and configure the build service and attach it to your service preview account. Then we show how to configure your build server. Finally, we show how to create and manage an automated build from Visual Studio using your newly installed build server and how to access the build results via the web,” the team added.

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