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Microsoft Announces New ‘SEO Tag, Do Not Tracksuit and Bing Basic’

Microsoft unveils “Do Not Tracksuit,” a wearable computing privacy appliance. Pokes fun at Google with “Bing Basic.” Introduces new “SEO Tag” empowering webmasters to rank better by just pointing Bing where you should rank.

Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Updates to Nexus HSPA+ Rolls Out; Wolfram|Alpha Now Powers High-Quality Answers to Samsung Smartphones

Google also just released Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) to all Galaxy Nexus HSPA+ devices –meaning only SIM-unlocked devices will be prompted for the update.

Wolfram|Alpha front page, filled with interactive, hand-drawn sketches t

“The rollout of Android 4.1, Jelly Bean, begins today, starting with Galaxy Nexus HSPA+ devices…If you’ve got a …

Interactive Graph Now on Google.com Search Results Pages

If you are using Wolfram|Alpha to plot Math graphs, now no more. Google has started showing an interactive graph on Google.com. Now, you can plot mathematical functions right on the search result page, when you search for a Math function or a list of functions separated by commas, Google shows.

Just type in …

Artist Rendition of iOS 5 Assistant Interface for iPhone 5

Apple’s new iOS 5 Assistant which is expected to be shown off at the October 4th media event.

The Siri/Nuance-based voice recognition Assistant will be the major new feature in the next generation iPhone and will be an iPhone 4S/5 exclusive feature. As detailed, the Assistant will allow users to speak to their …

DuckDuckGo and Wolfram|Alpha Partner on API Binding and Search Integration

Today, Wolfram|Alpha announced that Wolfram|Alpha and DuckDuckGo have entered a new phase of relationship as official partners. As a result of this partnership, DuckDuckGo will expand Wolfram|Alpha integration into its search site and will maintain the now-official Wolfram|Alpha API Perl binding.

So what does this new partnership mean for you? If you are …

Search Engines Feelin’ the Love: Valentine’s Day 2011 Logo Across the Search Industry

In addition to Google’s special Valientines’s Day doodle and Map Your Valentine, service. Here’re the logo from the search engine industry:

Bing’s background image today features a special coral formation — or, as they call it, a “valentine from Mother Nature”:

Bing Valentines logoBing Valentines logo

YouTube …

Google Jeopardy Search Engine Champion

What’s the most obvious way to try doing Jeopardy? What about just using a plain old search engine? And just feeding Jeopardy clues into it, and seeing what documents get matched. After taking a random sampling of 200,000 “Jeopardy” clues, Stephen Wolfram fed it as input (without quotes) to a search engine, he counted:

Voice Search Extension for Google Chrome Lets You Search by Speaking

Voice Search for Google Chrome provides a method to search by speaking. It comes pre-loaded with servics such as: “Google, Wikipedia, YouTube, Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo and Wolfram|Alpha.” You can also add your own user-defined search engines. It also integrates a speech input button for all websites using HTML5 search boxes, all of the default search …

Wolfram|Alpha Deck the Halls Gift-Away with Facts Competition – Free Apple iPad, Mathematica Professional’ and More!

Wolfram|Alpha kicked off the Wolfram|Alpha Deck the Halls with Facts and Knowledge Holiday Gift-Away!

“Beginning today, Wolfram|Alpha’s giving away Wolfram|Alpha Spikey sculpture kits to first 500 people to submit their favorite Wolfram|Alpha fun facts!

If you’re one of the first 500 winners, you can upload a fun …

National Dictionary Day Honoring Noah Webster with Wolfram|Alpha’s Widgets

To celebrate National Dictionary Day on Oct’16 — which honors Noah Webster, often regarded as “the father of the modern dictionary” — you might like to take advantage of this classic word widget, which provides quick access to some of the more traditional areas of Wolfram|Alpha’s lexicographical data: definitions, pronunciations, synonyms, and more for most …

Wolfram|Alpha Computational Knowledge Engine In a Nutshell [Video]

Have you ever wanted a simple way to explain Wolfram|Alpha to your friends? Now you can, watch the video embedded below, “Wolfram|Alpha in a Nutshell”.

“Wolfram|Alpha is the world’s first computational knowledge engine, containing trillions of pieces of data in more than 1,000 domains. But what’s really important to you is how it …

Wolfram|Alpha Volunteer Central: A Central Pad for Contributors

Have you ever wanted to contribute to Wolfram|Alpha? Yo can do now, Wolfram|Alpha made it easier than ever to contribute with “Volunteer Central,” the new landing pad for Wolfram|Alpha volunteers. “Volunteer Central is a place for contributors to get updates, check out new projects, and track their progress. Projects are categorized into challenge areas, which’re …

Wolfram|Alpha Adds FCC Broadcast Data

Federal Communications Commission has a large amount of information on the radio and television stations broadcasting in the U.S. as well as a number of stations in other countries in the Western Hemisphere. Wolfram|Alpha computational knowledge engine has recently added this data.

“Try out the call sign for your …

Wolfram|Alpha App for Android On T-Mobile G2 with Google Debuts

Wolfram Alpha debuts its “Wolfram|Alpha App for Android” — the app available through Android Market is launched with new T-Mobile G2 with Google, the first smartphone designed to deliver 4G speeds on T-Mobile’s new HSPA+ network, and will be available for mobile devices running Android 1.6 and higher on T-Mobile Channel and in Android Market. …

Wolfram|Alpha App for Android Smartphones and the T-Mobile G2

Wolfram|Alpha App for Android devices alongwith the new T-Mobile G2 will be available on Oct 6th. “Wolfram|Alpha App delivers the full power of Wolfram|Alpha’s growing repository of curated data, including over ten trillion data elements, and its library of tens of thousands of sophisticated computational models, to deliver knowledge quickly and seamlessly, on demand, in …