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9 Bulletins Addressing Windows/Office Vulnerabilities; SDL Hits 850,000 Downloads; OData ‘Producer Library & Connector’ for MySQL and PHP; Windows Phone Color Picker Prototype Released

Patch TuesdayPatch TuesdayMicrosoft Security Response Center posted details about the February security updates scheduled to a Tuesday, February 14, 10 AM Pacific Time release.

The February Advanced Bulletin Notification will release 9 bulletins including to patch the vulnerabilities in:

  • Windows Operating System and Components (including: Windows …

SQL Server Migration Assistant (SSMA) 5.2 Automates Database Migration to Microsoft SQL Server 2012

SQL Server Migration Assistant (SSMA) 5.2 for SQL Server 2012SQL Server Migration Assistant (SSMA) 5.2 for SQL Server 2012SQL Server Migration Assistant (SSMA) v5.2 released today simplifies database migration process from Oracle/Sybase/MySQL and Microsoft Access to SQL Server and SQL Azure. The v5.3 of SSMA provides the following major enhancements:

  • Support conversion of Oracle %ROWTYPE parameters with NULL default
  • Support conversion of Sybase’s Rollback Trigger

Joomla! 2.5 Now With Microsoft SQL Server Support!

Joomla 2.5 now support Microsoft SQL ServerJoomla 2.5 now support Microsoft SQL ServerJooma! 2.5, which shipped earlier this week, features such as advanced search and automatic notification of Joomla core and extension updates, along with the multi-database support with the addition of Microsoft SQL Server.

Previous versions of Joomla CMS were compatible exclusively with MySQL databases.

Also, you can now use …

Google Cloud SQL Introduced Today Offer MySQL Database in the Cloud

Google App Engine team announced the limited preview of “Google Cloud SQL,” a web service that allows you to create, configure, and use relational databases with your App Engine applications.

It is a fully-managed service that maintains, manages, and administers your databases, allowing you to focus on your applications and services.

OData Producer Library for PHP Released to CodePlex

The OData Producer Library for PHP is now avilable for download. The OData Producer Library for PHP is a server library that allows to exposes data sources by using the OData Protocol.

PHP developers can now add OData support to their applications so it can be consumed by all clients and libraries that …

SQL Server Migration Assistant (SSMA) Tool Now With SQL Server 2012 ‘Denali’ CTP3 Support

Microsoft SQL Server Migration Assistant (SSMA) v.5.1, a family of products to automate database migration to all edition of SQL Server (including SQL Server Express) and SQL Azure has now been released.

You can now automate database migration from Oracle, Sybase, MySQL, and Access database to SQL Azure and SQL Server “Denali” …

WordPress 3.2 Ready to Roll Out – IE6 ‘No Longer’ Supported

WordPress 3.2 is releasing very soon!, the dev team posted the minimum requirements for the latest upcoming version:

“As of 3.2, you’ll need to be running PHP 5.2.4 and MySQL 5.0. — make sure you’re running compatible versions of PHP and MySQL before you update tomorrow when WordPress 3.2 is released.”

SQL Server Migration Assistant v5.0 Now Available for Sybase, Oracle, MySQL and Microsoft Access

Microsoft SQL Server Migration Assistant (SSMA) v5.0 released today, now let you migrate from Sybase, Oracle, MySQL and Microsoft Access to SQL Azure and SQL Server with ease!

In this release, SSMA family of products has been improved to further to reduce the cost and the risk of migration from Sybase, Oracle, MySQL …

MySQL.com Successfully Hacked Using SQL Injection

MySQL.com, was hacked by a SQL injection attack over the weekend. The hackers were able to use the exploit to extract usernames and password hashes from the site.

Hackers extracted usernames and password hashes from the site, which were subsequently posted to pastebin.com. Any easy to guess login credentials could be easily extracted …

Pubsubhubbub Creators Back With ‘Camlistore’ Open Sync, Store, Share Project

Pubsubhubbub, creators Brad Fitzpatrick and Brett Slatkin are back at it again (with a few other contributors) with a new project: “Camlistore” — It’s an acronym for “Content-Addressable Multi-Layer Indexed Storage’.

What’s Camlistore?

As the team’s first bullet point notes, it’s “a way to store, sync, share, model …

LinkedIn Swarm Visualizes As A Moving “Tag Cloud or Tag Swarm”

One traditional method for displaying popular keyword phrases on the web is using a “tag cloud”. Sure, a tag cloud is visually stunning, but “LinkedIn Swarm,” visualizes LinkedIn’s most recent company and titles searches, jobs posted, blog entries and shared articles as a moving “tag cloud”, or rather a “tag swarm” and it cycles through …

Eric Schmidt “Welcome to Epic Journey in Computing. Welcome to Chrome OS”

Eric Schmidt, “With hindsight, why has this been so hard? After all, we had all the IT stuff. And then the web was invented. But the web isn’t really cloud computing–it’s an enormously important source of information, probably the most important ever invented. One major web innovation cycle happened in 1995–remember the Netscape IPO, Java …

Microsoft Assessment and Planning (MAP) Toolkit 5.5 Beta Now Available for Download

Microsoft released the MAP Toolkit 5.5 Beta. “Simplify planning for upgrade or migration to the latest Microsoft products and technologies with MAP Toolkit. This multifaceted tool is now even better–with assessment for easier migration to Windows Azure and SQL Azure, heterogeneous database discovery (of MySQL, Oracle and Sybase instances) for SQL Server migration projects,

Synology DS111 and DS211 Network Attached Storage (NAS) Servers Now Available at Amazon

Synology debuts the DS111 and DS211 new DiskStations that provide affordable and effective NAS solutions.

DS111 and DS211 offer excellent value for businesses, complete with Synology’s renowned and feature-rich DiskStation Manager (DSM) 3.0. Access control lists (ACLs) and easy ADS integration streamline access control administration, bringing enterprise-level features within reach of even small …

Microsoft SQL Server Migration Assistant (SSMA) for MySQL v1.0 – Fast Way to Move from MySQL to SQL Azure

SQL Server Migration Assistant (SSMA for MySQL v1.0) has been updated to support migration from MySQL to SQL Azure. This release makes it possible to move data directly and easily from local MySQL databases into SQL Azure, to help you better consolidate your disparate departmental or ad-hoc data into a centrally managed and highly scalable …