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Google+ Hangouts Now Inform When Invited, Let You Block Annoyers, Ability to Create +18 Hangouts – Panda Update 3.92 Rolling Out

Google+ team shared insight into a few improvements made to the +Hangouts experience over the past couple of months, as well as some new initiatives to help facilitate good conversations and curb the less desirable ones.

In a G+ post, Chee Chew of Google notes, “improving the quality of conversations in hangouts isn’t …

AdWords Policies Updates, Come into Effect on Oct 15; Google Posts FAQ for Government Webmasters; Verifying a Google+ page & Author Tag

Update: Google rolled out an algorithm update this week that’s having an impact on rankings and bringing in more domains in to the Google search results page.

Confirming the improvements of the diversity of search results in terms of different domains returned — Google Matt Cutts tweeted:

Google Search 09/12 Tips & News ‘Dictionary Mode on SERPs’; Pirate Bay Added to Search Censorship List; Post Penguin Checklist

Android reaches “500 million devices activated globally, and over 1.3 million added every single day,” announced Hugo Barra. And, the Jelly Bean statue is back in Google’s front yard.

When you’re looking for an affordable flight from the United States or Canada, Google’s Flight Search feature can help you find the …

Google Blacklists All Websites Run by Grant Shapps for SEO and AdSense Spamming

Grant Shapps, a Conservative minister in the United Kingdom, recently came under fire after the Guardian exposed one of the sites selling software to help others breach copyright regulations of Google’s AdSense.

Google has blacklisted a network of at least 19 websites run by the wife, sister or 75-year-old mother of Shapps have …

Google Granted ‘Ranking Documents’ Patents; PageRank Penalty on Selling Links

Google on August 14, granted a patent entitled “Ranking documents” that describes a few ways “how the search company may detect certain “rank-modifying spamming” techniques and then adjust the ranking of those in a manner, where they might lead to the rankings of pages being improved in those search results.”

Those practices, referred …

Panda v3.9.1 Algorithm Refresh, Aug 19th; 7 Blue Links on SERPs for a Domain; Free & Discounted Wi-Fi at Select U.S. Malls, Airports by Google Offers; Germany Drafts a Copyright Law, Proposes License Fees for Links or Excerpts

In the Google search news 08/22, first up, Google pushed an update to its Panda algorithm on August 19, now versioned at 3.9.1.

This updated affected less than 1% of search queries and is a “minor” Panda refresh.

“Panda data refresh this past Monday. ~1% of queries noticeably affected,” tweeted Google. …

Bing’s Defect Classifiers Minimizing Answer Defects on SERPS

Minimizing Answer Defects is the latest topic of the Bing Search Quality Insights series. In the blog post, Dr. Kieran McDonald, Principal Development Manager, Bing, detail how the company ensure that the answers are not defective and the results match the intent of user query.

The post, specifically illustrate how defects might slip …

Alerts for Search Queries in Google Webmaster Tools; Hangouts On Air: Tips Experimenting with AdSene Ad Colors & Ad Styles; Kick Start Social with Google+

If you are not able to check the Webmaster Tools daily, but are concerned with the health of your site 24/7 — Google now making this time consuming practise of analyzing all the data and identify the most important issues by “incorporating alerts into Webmaster Tools.”

“We process the data for your site …

Google Patents Adds Patents from European Patent Office and the ‘Prior Art Finder’ Tool; Summer Games Stats; Setting Up URL Parameters in Webmaster Tools

Google Patent Search until now let people discover, search, and read the United States patents online. Now, starting this week, bringing patents submitted to the European Patent Office to its online repository.

Patent pages now feature a “Find Prior Art” button that instantly pulls together information relevant to the patent application. With a …

Google Announces New Search Ranking Signal “Number of Valid Copyright Removal Notices” – 86 Search Quality Changes Made into SERPs for June and July 2012

Google Search, which currently has over 200 signals for its search algorithms — Starting next week, will be taking into account a new signal in rankings: “the number of valid copyright removal notices receive for any given site.”

In a blog post announcing the new signal, Google says, sites with high numbers of …

Guidelines for Effective Website Testing and its Impact on Google Search

Google Webmaster Central team just posted a guidenline on “whether website testing–such as A/B or multivariate testing–affects a site’s performance in search results.”

Below we have quoted Google’s guideline for running an effective test with minimal impact on your site’s search performance. Google says, the “recommendations should result in …

Index Status in Webmaster Tools Launches, Shows Google’s Indexing Status

If you ever wanted to know, if Googlebot has crawled and indexed your web pages? Now, you can get that question answered by just using the new “Index Status” feature launches today in the Google Webmaster Tools — that will show you “how many pages from your site have been included in Google’s index.” Sound …

Firefox 14 Now Automatically Encrypts Google Searches; Google Panda Update Rolls Out to Japanese & Korean Languages Affects < 5% Search Queries

Firefox 14 Rolls Out, Now Encrypts Google SearchFirefox 14 Rolls Out, Now Encrypts Google Search

Firefox 14 officially launched today, bring alongwith new security and developer features including “all Google searches are now encrypted by default.”

“We automatically make your Google searches secure (Google SSL search) in Firefox to protect your data from potentially prying eyes, like network administrators when you use public or …

Blogger.com Enables Custom Permalinks

Google Ads Custom Permalinks to Blogger.comGoogle Ads Custom Permalinks to Blogger.com

Google blogging platform Blogger.com today added a new SEO feature “custom permalinks,” that enables user to more effectively customize search preferences. Google had earlier this year introduced a suite of new SEO features that help ensure blog, posts, and images are accurately indexed so they appear correctly in search results.

My Site Used to Rank Well, But Bow it Doesn’t. What Happened? Please Advise!

SEO Webmaster Academy, the latest Help Desk Hangout On Air, walk you through how Google Search works, how you can set your site up for success, and more.

If you missed the event, you can watch the complete recording embedded below, and some question answered as well.

My site used to …