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Google Discuss 5 Mistakes with ‘rel=canonical’, Offer Best Practices to Follow

Good content is lost when specifying rel=canonical from component pages to the first page of a paginated series of articles. 5 common mistakes and tips to create valuable rel=canonical META tag.

New Websites ‘Opt Out’ Tool in Google Webmaster Tool; Related Searches Resutls on SERPs

Google Webmaster Tools “opt out” intends to help websites of having remove their content on Google Shopping, Advisor, Flights, Hotels, and Google+ Local search results. TV White Space trial launches in South Africa.

New ‘Site Move Tool’ in Bing Webmaster Tools Helps Update Index to Reflect 301 Redirects

Bing WMT ‘Site Move Tool’ helps you quickly update Bing search index to reflect redirects–“change of address” from one domain to another–or, site redesign with a new directory structure.

Google Webmaster Resources for Hacked Sites, WordPress Cheat Sheet, SEO Starter Guide

‘Help for hacked sites’ lets recover hacked sites, with detailed information on specific issues. New how-to cheat sheet for WordPress or blogger, Google SEO Starter Guide. Building mobile-optimized websites guide add 11 new languages.

Google Rolls Out First of 2013 Panda Update Refresh; Tests Gray Top Nav Bar

Google rolls out new Panda data refresh — first of 2013, affecting 1.2% of English queries. Google replacing black/white top navigation bar with new light gray/black colored.

Windows 8 ‘Carnival’ TV Ad Showcases Modern UI; Crawling Basics Bing Video

Windows 8 ‘Carnival’ TV Ad Showcases Modern UI; Crawling Basics Bing Video; Windows Store Hits 35K Apps Mark

Google Search and Gmail Field Trials Gets New Search Operators for Tracking ‘Online Purchases, Reservations & Events’ and More

Google just yesterday only highlighted its Flight Search features, now the company has launched a new experimental feature that lets you check your online purchases from select merchants in Google Search and track your packages right from the results page.

These new features are part experimental search and Gmail field …

Data Highlighter WYSIWYG Tool for Structured Data Markup; Helping Webmasters Recover Hacked Sites

Google making it easy for webmaster to markup their pages with structure data with a new browser based point-and-click tool dubbed “Data Highlighter” that lets authorized site owners in Google Webmaster Tools add rich snippet / structured data markup to their web pages.

Google Data Highlighter WYSIWYG tool for Structured data markupGoogle Data Highlighter WYSIWYG tool for Structured data markup

No longer do you need to …

Bing Webmaster Tools New Crawl Error Alerts ‘DNS Failures, Connection Timeouts, Server Response’

Bing Webmaster Tools began sending new Crawl Error Alerts to webmasters informing about issues “encountered by bing crawler during recent indexing of site(s).”

Here’s a quick rundown of the new alerts and issue types:

DNS Failures alert “deals with (Domain Name System “responsible for resolving hostnames to corresponding IP addresses”) issues, …

DCMS: Google Dragging of its Feet to Derank “Piracy” Websites; Panda Update 21 Impacts 1.1% of English Queries in U.S.

Google rolls out Panda Algorithm Update 21Google rolls out Panda Algorithm Update 21

Google rolled out worldwide, the Panda update that “will impact about 0.4% of queries that a regular user might notice.

For those searching in the United States in English, the percentage is higher. 1.1%,” Google said.

In other news, the Department of Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) …

Taking a Clue from Bing, Google Adds ‘Disavow Links’ Tool to Webmaster Tools

Taking a clue from Bing Webmaster’s Disavow link feature that was introduced this year in June, Google today added a new tool to Webmaster Tools enabling users to disavow links to their site.

“If you’ve been been caught up in linkspam and notified of a manual spam action based on …

Google Rolls Out Update to Above the Fold Page Layout Algorithm

Google rolls out update to Above the Fold Page Layout AlgorithmGoogle rolls out update to Above the Fold Page Layout Algorithm

Google just rolled out an update to its Above Fold Page Layout algorithm (or “Top Heavy” update) that was launched in January this year, and is designed to reward sites with content above fold rather than ads.

Cutts tweeted “weather report” calling it “minor,” and said it …

Panda Algorithm Update Released, Impacts 2.4% of English Queries – Google Warns of New State-Sponsored Cyberattack Through Gmail

Update 10/05: A massive list of 65 search quality changes to made in the August and September 2012 has been posted on the Google search blog. Without further ado, and as per Google post –here is the list highlighting August search updates:

  • #82862. [project “Page Quality”] helped you find more high-quality content …

Google Webmaster Guidelines Updates; Added a Set of Quality and Technical Guidelines for Rich Snippets

Google Webmaster Quality Guidelines updates today now added “more guidance and examples of behavior that you should avoid in order to keep your site in good standing with Google’s search results,” Google informs.

The main message “Focus on the user” of the quality guidelines hasn’t changed.

“Both our basic …

Tag Google News Article with New ‘News_keywords’ Metatag; Accessibility Features Enhancements for Google Drive; Cirque du Soleil Launches ‘Movi.Kanti.Revo’ Chrome Experiment; App Engine 1.7.2 Released

Google News‘ new “news_keywords” metatag, feature lauched today empower news writers specify a collection of terms that apply to a news article. These words don’t need to appear anywhere within the headline or body text.

Google says, that “this metatag will be one signal among many that our algorithms use to determine ranking.” …