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“Share” Link Replaces +1 button on SERPs, Google Adds +1 button on AdWords; Webmaster Tools Adds New “Download latest links” Tab

Google for past some time has been experimenting of integration of its Google+ button across its products and services. First up, a few days back, I notice a “Plus One” button on a Google AdWords ad — which appear, if your are logged in to your Google+ account.

Upon clicking the button, Google …

Recommendations Added to Google +1 button Platform Preview; Google Apps Vault Goes Global; New Fusion Tables API;

Google +1 button today rolls out a new feature that show show more relevant content to users. Now, when users hover over a +1 button, they will see recommendations for other great content on your site.

“For example, when I go the the Chrome Web Store and look at +1 recommendations on the …

Getting Started with Google+ and +1 button for Webmasters/SEOs; PageSpeed Insights 2.0; Chrome Web Store Adds ‘Six New Countries, Offline Apps, Apps Insight Graph’

An official Google video that covers the basics of Google+, the +1 button, getting started on Google+, and how social information can make products, like Search, more relevant.

So, if you’re interested in learning about Google+, “this 20 minutes posted today on the Webmaster Central blog is for a range of webmasters (from …

Promote Your Business Online Using Google+ pages; Open Sourced Voice of America Code

Google+ pagesGoogle+ pages

In a blog entry, to help small business get online, Google today revealed that 20% of searches on Google are related to location, and 97% of consumers search online for local businesses.

First thing, today having a presence on social media is a great way to reach local community. …

Blogger.com Adds Two New Google+ Gadgets, the +1 button and Google+ Badge

Google introduces two Google+ gadgets to its Blogger.com blogging platform, the “+1 button and Google+ Badge.”

“Unlike the +1 button that can appear below a post, this gadget is specific to your blog. Displaying it on your blog will allow visitors to endorse your blog and share it with their friends,” posted Bora …

New Red and White Google +1 Buttons; Google Counters Google Plus Usage Numbers

The ubiquitious +1 button is now sporting a fresh coat of paint, following in the footsteps of the new red and white of Google+ icon. Starting today, this update will be visible first to Google+ Platform Preview Group and shortly thereafter will be rolled out to the public, informs Google.

While the new …

iGoogle New Beautiful and Immersive Full-page Themes, Integrates Google+ Plugins

iGoogle today, recevied a few more improvements to look and feel that simplify the page further while offering even more personalization. “We partnered with iStockphoto to bring your favorite Gmail themes to iGoogle – just pop open our theme directory to try them out,” informs Google.

iGoogle Adds new beautiful and immersive full-page themesiGoogle Adds new beautiful and immersive full-page themes

You can now …

Improvements to Google+ Button and Google+ badge Released; Now Open Email Links in Gmail Using Chrome, Firfox and IE

Google+ buttonGoogle+ buttonIn Google+ new, first Google announced that over a “million websites now use Google+ plugins — like the +1 button and the badge for Pages” — to help visitors connect with their brand and share their content with others.

Second, the company rolled a improvements to these plugins including:

Google+ Badges Now With Unified +1 & Circle Counts, Darker Themes & More Sizes – Google+ Now Open to 13+

Google+ Badges Adds Unified +1 Counts,Darker thems, smaller sizeGoogle+ Badges Adds Unified +1 Counts,Darker thems, smaller sizeGoogle in developer preview added more options for integrating the Google+ badge into a website. On November 8, last year, Google+ badges was initially released with only two options: an icon version and a standard badge version. Now, you can now configure a badge with a width that fits your site …

Export Your Documents Using Google Docs’ Takeout Menu; Google Adds +1 Counter on Blogger.com Blogs

Google in an effort to bring you new ways to grow your blogger.co m based blog and engage with your readers using Google+ today introduced the “+1 counter,” which allows you to quickly scan your dashboard to see which posts are most popular on your blog.

Each time a reader clicks the +1 …

Google+ Adds New Graphic-equalize, Notifications, Improved Google+ Photos; Google+ Pages Gets Multiple Admins & Ownership Transfer, Unified +1 & Circle Count

Google+ PagesGoogle+ PagesGoogle+ Pages today received a handfull of new features and functionality rolling out over the next couple of days to help better manage your pages. Here is what is news:

Google is adding controls that will enable you to “graphic-equalize” and fine-tune your stream, so that you don’t miss important posts …

Google Adds Faces to Names in Google +1 Custom Creative in DFA

DoubleClick for Advertisers (DFA)DoubleClick for Advertisers (DFA)DoubleClick for Advertisers introducing couple of features to the +1 button’s creative template in DFA to make it even more effective as a recommendation engine for your brand.

“Viewers of your ad can now see the faces of friends who have +1’d the ad. Putting a face to the name makes …

Making Photo Tagging Easier with Google+ Find My Face; +1 buttons Hidden by Default on Google SERPs

Google+ over the next few days will be rolling out a new ‘opt-in’ feature called “Find My Face,” which will help your friends and other people tag your photos if you are in their pictures, and help you tag them if they have activated Find My Face.

The feature is disabled by the …

Google+ for Nonprofit ‘Holiday Season’ Getting Started Guide – Google Calls Social Networks to Integrate Activity Streams with Google Analytics

Google AnalyticsGoogle AnalyticsGoogle Analytics invites social networks and platforms to integrate their activity streams with Google Analytics. “Through these integrations, marketers and publishers will be able to discover off-site engagement, optimize their engagement within each social community, and measure the impact of each social channel and its associated digital investment,” blogged Google Analytics team.

Introducing +1 Button in DFP; Two New Mobile Specific Inventory to DoubleClick Ad Exchange

DoubleClickDoubleClickPublishers who sell their ad space directly to advertisers using a new creative template available in DART for Publishers and the new DFP can now use +1 button.

“Using the Image or Flash with Google +1 custom creative template, you can now add the Google +1 icon to your ads so …