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Google in U.S. Adds Horizontal Carousel for iPad of Local Results – Google Maps App for Nintendo Wii U in Jan 2013

Google search updated its web experience for the English-speaking iPad users in the U.S. will now see a new, interactive experience when they search for restaurants, bars or other local places on Google.

In addition to the regular search results, a “horizontal carousel” of local search results will now appear at the top …

YouTube App Arrives on Wii U GamePadl Shared Budgets FAQ

Following last weeks’ release of a new YouTube app for Nintendo Wii, the app is now arrived on Nintendo Wii U as well. Like its counterpart, the Wii U GamePad app let you quickly search for videos to watch.

The Wii U app let you take advantage of big screen …

YouTube Nintendo Wii App in the US; Blogger Mobile App for Android, iOS; Turn-by-Turn Navigation in Maps for iOS

YouTube App for Nintendo Wii brings the YouTube videos and channels to the gaming console in the U.S. and is available from the Nintendo Wii Shop Channel.

The app uses 360p WebM video encoding to make video playback smooth. “With the largest install base of current generation consoles, YouTube on Wii is the …

April Fools’ Day Pranks: YouTube Collection; Cloud API; Google Fiber; Go Retro Go Ro; Gmail Tap

Google seems to have quite a plenty of free time, as the company every year spends hours in making countless pranks on April Fools’ Day through its special blog posts. This year again almost every official Google blog has lengthy prank posts.

The first hoax for this year comes from AdWords team, …

DIY Human Flying Wings Combing WiiMote and an HTC Wildfire S

A mechanical engineer from the Netherlands, Jarnos Smeets is working hard to build “real-life wings” for the human beign to fly. By combining the accelerometers of the WiiMote and an HTC Wildfire S, he can now measure the arm-speed of his own movements and thus control the outrunner motors on his DIY wings.

Scientists Using Kinect to Study Glaciers and Asteroids

A NASA-funded Ph.D. student, Ken Mankoff, at the University of California, Santa Cruz, studying ice and ocean interactions using Microsoft’s motion-sensing device the Xbox 360 Kinect.

1) Subglacial cave underneath Rieperbreen Glacier, Svalbard, Norway, with Mankoff, waterproof bag, Netbook running Ubuntu, and Kinect. Jason Gulley.
2) …

NPD: Xbox 360 Sales Grew 21 Percent Year Over Year in October 2011

Xbox 360 KinectXbox 360 KinectThe NPD Group’s October 2011 data reveals that Xbox 360 turned in the most successful October on record, maintaining its lead in the current-generation console market for 16 out of the last 17 months.

“The Kinect for Xbox 360 continues its momentum with a growing portfolio of more than 75 new …

Xbox 360 Stays No. 1 Game Console, Sold 438,000 Units in September, NPD

Microsoft announced that the Xbox 360 continued its reign over its competitors in September and has now sold more units in the U.S. than any other console for 15 of the past 16 months.

According to latest data from the NPD Group, Microsoft’s Xbox 360 sold 438,000 units in September, making it the …

“Qwikster”: Netflix’s New Home for DVD-by-Mail Service

Netflix in a blog post announced of renaming and splitting their DVD-by-mail service into a new entity called “Qwikster,” which will also include video games.

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings says that the move was prompted due to the two services (streaming and DVD-by-mail) slowly becoming two different businesses with …

Xbox 360 Holds 45% of U.S. Console Market, Sold 277,000 Units in July, NPD

The latest July 2011 NPD data revealed that Microsoft’s gaming console, “Xbox 360 led the U.S. console market for the seventh consecutive month and has sold more units in the U.S. than any other console for 13 of the past 14 months.”

Though the video-game console and software market …

T3 Gadget Awards 2011: Shortlist of Entrants and Award Categories Unveiled

British monthly Tomorrow’s Technology Today (T3), which specializes in gadgets, gizmos and other technology, is out today with its shortlist of technology products, brands and personalities for 2011.

T3 Gadget Awards, one of the biggest tech awards in the UK informally recognized as the “technology Oscars”, already has over 350,000 user votes.

NPD: Xbox 360 No. 1 Console for the Sixth Month in a Row – Microsoft Expects Xbox 360 #1 Worldwide by Year End

Halfway through 2011, Xbox 360 maintained its lead in the U.S. console market, selling more units in the U.S. than any other console for 12 of the past 13 months, according to the NPD Group.

The June Xbox highlights include:

  • Holding 48 percent share of the overall current-generation console market …

Wii Hacker Johnny Chung Lee Talks Kinect At WIRED Business Converence [Video]

The Kinect SDK (KDK) announcement is just few weeks behind us now and we’re beginning to see some interesting projects pop up courtsey “Kinect Hacking Challenge in Sydney.”

“About 100 developers from around Australia converged on Sydney last weekend. Their challenge: Create fun new ways to exploit the Xbox’s gesture controller …

Nintendo ‘Wii U’ 6.2-inch Wii Touch Tablet Unveiled

Nintendo today at the E3 expo debuted its newest piece of gaming hardware, “Wii U,” a touchscreen tablet and game controller that takes the dual-screen gaming concept of the DS and applies it to the television.

“Wii U includes a 6.2″ touchscreen tablet with dual analog circle …

‘Xbox Next’ Game Console Spotted Now in Hands of Developers and Electronic Arts Studio

We already know, that Nintendo plans to unveil its successor to the Wii at E3 which’s taking place in a months time. But, what about Microsoft? Apparently, sources are claiming that Xbox Next has been given to a few developers including an unidentified Electronic Arts studio for software development.

Now, the Xbox Next …