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Visual Studio 2012 RTM ‘Not Installable’ on Pre-release Win8/Windows Server 2012 – Visual Studio 2012 Debugging Features for Windows 8 App Lifecycle Model Explained – Installation Guide WS2012 Scale-Out File Server for SQL Server 2012

Microsoft confirmed that “Visual Studio 2012 RTM will not install on a pre-release versions of Windows 8 or Windows Server 2012.”

“Customers installing Visual Studio 2012 RTM on pre-release versions of Windows 8 or Windows Server 2012 may see the following error after launching the setup application: The .Net Framework installed on this …

Internet Explorer 9.0.8; Windows Sidebar and Gadgets Fixt it Now Available; Patches 16 Issues

On Tuesday July 10, Microsoft released nine security bulletins – three of which deemed Critical-class and six Important – addressing 16 issues in Microsoft Windows, Internet Explorer, Visual Basic for Applications, and Microsoft Office.

The six bulletins dubbed Important-class issues touching on Windows, Visual Basic for Applications, and Office, including SharePoint and Office …

Explaining Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V Extensible Switch [Videos]

Windows Server 2012 Start ScreenWindows Server 2012 Start Screen

Microsoft’s Channel9 posted a couple of short videos on the “Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V Extensible Switch,” series, aimed for architects, software engineers and developers who are designing and building extensions to the Hyper-V Extensible Switch.

In this first video, Microsoft software design engineer Claire Mitchell introduces the viewer to …

Windows Server 2012 Serving All Bing.com Search Results Worldwide – Windows Server 2012 Network Virtualization Survival Guide; Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V Comparison Documents Available!

The near-final Release Candidate of Windows Server 2012 is now serving up all Bing.com search results worldwide. Microsoft describes a few of the features of Windows Server 2012, and their effect on the Bing Service, and why “Bing is adopting and deploying Windows Server 2012 as fast as they can,” because …

Microsoft Now Testing a Prototype of a Home-automation Operating System (HomeOS)

Back in 2010, Microsoft Research shared details about a project called “HomeOS,” a home automation service when coupled with smartphones and cloud services (by using Project Hawaii and Windows Azure), makes the smart home a reality for the rest of us.

“HomeOS provides users and developers with a PC-like abstraction. It …

Windows Server 2012: An Overview of Windows Server 8 Server Core; WANs, LANs and RemoteFX; Managing Hyper-V in PowerShell

Microsoft uploaded three new videos on TechNet Edge demonstrating various Windows Server 2012 (formerly Windows Server “8”) features:

In the first video, Managing Hyper-V in PowerShell for Windows Server “8” Beta, Eric Bahna, Sr. Program Manager from the Windows Server team talk about managing Hyper-V environments using PowerShell in …

What Is New In Windows 8 Consumer Preview and Windows Server 8 “Beta” [Videos]

Microsoft today published a series of videos of about Windows 8 Consumer Preview. In the first video below, Tami Reller, cfo and cmo, Windows and Windows Live, talks about the business features of Windows 8 Consumer Preview.

Video: What Windows 8 Consumer Preview Means for Your Business

Google Public DNS Now Serving 70 Billion Requests a Day and Counting

Google Public DNS launched on December 3, 2009, which was introduced to help make the web faster for everyone — today, handling an average of more than 70 billion requests a day, according to Google.

Google Public DNS: 70 Billion Requests a DayGoogle Public DNS: 70 Billion Requests a Day

“Google Public DNS has become particularly popular for our users internationally. Today, …

How to Make Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) Faster?

Making TCP / IP FasterMaking TCP / IP FasterTransmission Control Protocol (TCP), the workhorse of the Internet, typically open several dozen parallel TCP connections ahead of making actual requests to the Internet to deliver all the Web’s content. This strategy overcomes inherent TCP limitations but results in high latency in many situations and is not scalable.

In a January …

Windows 8 Offers Simplified & Optimized Mobile Broadband and Wi-Fi Networks Across Devices

On January 20, Billy Anders, a group program manager on Windows devices and networking team, authored a blog post sharing the work done to Windows 8’s wireless networking for both mobile broadband and Wi-Fi networks to make it easy for you to use 3G and 4G connectivity along with Wi-Fi.”

“Typically, mobile broadband …

Videos: Using MAP Toolkit and Network Monitoring for Office 365

In this video, Peter Saddow, Sr. Program Manager from the Microsoft Solution Accelerators team demo the Microsoft Assessment Planning Toolkit (MAP) for use with Office 365 deployments.

See how the MAP Toolkit can help determine the compatibility of Office suites running in an environment with Office 365 as well as how it obtains …

Office 365 Deployment Readiness Tool and Performing /Troubleshooting Administrator Self-Serve Password Resets

Office 365Office 365The videos below show you how to perform and troubleshoot the administrator self-serve password reset process in Office 365. These videos discuss the requirements to perform a self-serve password reset, walk you through the complete process, and provide troubleshooting tips for issues that you may encounter along the way.

Performing Administrator …

Google’s Safe Browsing Alerts Now Include Malware Distribution Domains Information

Google Online SecurityGoogle Online SecurityGoogle Online Security team today announced of “adding distribution domains to the set of information the company send to network administrators registered through the Safe Browsing Alerts for Network Administrators service when its automated tools find phishing URLs or compromised sites that lead to malware on their networks.”

“These are domains …

Windows 8: Configuring Optimal Transport Parameters for High-Latency Networks

The video below shows how you can use PowerShell to adjust TCP configuration parameters to enable high performance network apps in Windows 8.

You Can Now ‘Opt Out’ Your Wireless Access Point in Google Location Server

Wireless Access PointWireless Access PointGoogle introduced a new method that lets you opt out of having your “wireless access point” included in the Google Location Server, announced Peter Fleischer, Global Privacy Counsel.

“To opt out, visit your access point’s settings and change the wireless network name (or SSID) so that it ends with “_nomap.” For …