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Twitter for Firefox OS in the Firefox Marketplace ‘When Devices Available’ Announced

Twitter for Firefox OS available in Firefox Marketplace app store, when Firefox OS devices begin to ship. 18 mobile carriers across the globe supporting Firefox OS. Twitter Windows Phone app make it easier to discover, share content.

Chrome and Firefox Bring Cross-browser Communication via WebRTC

Chrome and Firefox brings clear crisp voice, sharp high-definition (HD) video and low-delay communication to the web browser via WebRTC.

New Sign Up in Facebook Messenger App for Android; Facebook Messenger for Firefox Now Available!

Facebook announcing the next step in its site governance process – “a vote on our proposed changes to both documents, including our additional clarifications to the Data Use Policy,” informs the company stating that “Voting will be facilitated by an application developed on Facebook Platform by a third-party service provider. An independent auditor …

Firefox Auroa for Android and Firefox Marketplace Open to Developers and Early Adopters

Mozilla posts early release of Firefox Aurora for Android and Firefox MarketplaceMozilla posts early release of Firefox Aurora for Android and Firefox Marketplace

Mozilla’s latest Firefox Aurora for Android alongwith Firefox Marketplace launches today to early adopters and testers.

Firefox Marketplace, similar to the Google’s Chrome Web Store let users browse the store to find mobile web apps and developers can showcase their web apps. These apps run in full-screen mode and …

Now Test Firefox OS (Boot 2 Gecko) on Windows, Mac, Linux; Firefox for Windows 8 Metro Development Update 5

By now, you may have heard about Mozilla’s web-based mobile operating system that the company is currenlty developing and is officially dubbed “Firefox OS” (codename’d “Boot 2 Gecko”).

The Firefox OS will support everything you would expect from a smartphone, (friend dialing, spouse messaging, internet browsing, web gaming, photo taking, video watching, and …

Firefox 14 Now Automatically Encrypts Google Searches; Google Panda Update Rolls Out to Japanese & Korean Languages Affects < 5% Search Queries

Firefox 14 Rolls Out, Now Encrypts Google SearchFirefox 14 Rolls Out, Now Encrypts Google Search

Firefox 14 officially launched today, bring alongwith new security and developer features including “all Google searches are now encrypted by default.”

“We automatically make your Google searches secure (Google SSL search) in Firefox to protect your data from potentially prying eyes, like network administrators when you use public or …

Disable Firefox 13 ‘New Tab’ Feature Amid Security Breach, Fix Promised! – Firefox? for Android? “Something BIG is Coming your way Next Week”

Mozilla outed Firefox 13 with a number of new features, including support for Google’s SPDY protocol, a new homescreen, an update “New Tab” page offering easy access to frequently visited sites with thumbnails, and also a ‘Tabs on demand’ which aims to speed up your browsing experience.

However, the convenient speed dial look …

Download ‘Crawl errors, Search queries’ Data to Spreadsheet from Webmaster Tools; Google Protect 600M Users through Built-in Protection for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari

Now you can export your Google Webmaster Tools data directly to a Google Spreadsheet using the newly added download option. The new download option is available for most of the features, such as Crawl errors, Search queries, and Links to your site.

If you enjoy digging into the data from Webmaster Tools but …

Mozilla Shows Off ‘Junior’ Prototype iPad Browser; Launches Mozilla Launches ‘Thimble’ Web-Based Code Editor and Webmaker Website

Mozilla ThimbleMozilla Thimble

Mozilla’s Product Design Strategy team quietly announced a few new projects including a Webkit browser for the iPad called “Junior.”

Calling Safari for iPad “a miserable experience,” Mozilla’s Alex Limi showed a prototype of the “Junior,” that takes a different approach from traditional browsers with no tabs, search and …

Deliver Reliable and Trustworthy Metro Style Apps Through Windows Store; Firefox Metro Startpage Demo’d

App Confidence: Windows 8 SDK for Metro style apps, Windows App Certification Kit, App Signatures, App Confidence: Windows 8 SDK for Metro style apps, Windows App Certification Kit, App Signatures,

Customers want to safely enjoy Windows 8 and the apps you build. The Metro style app experience is designed to make it easy for you to build apps that everyone can try and buy with confidence. This new ecosystem will help you build apps that people will be delighted with, said …

Twitter Offers Tailored Suggestions and a Timeline with Tweets; Pledges Suppport to Support Do Not Track (DNT)

Twitter pledges support to ‘Do Not Track’ feature in the Mozilla Firefox browser, as announced Thursday by Ed Felten, chief technology officer for the Federal Trade Commission at a New York Internet Week privacy panel.

Carolyn Penner, a spokeswoman for Twitter, confirming FTC’s announcement, said in a tweet, “We applaud the FTC’s leadership …

IE and Fox Studios Launches HTML5 Powered Project Prometheus Training Center; EU to ‘remain Vigilant’ Microsoft Complies its Browser Commitments

The Internet Explorer team and Fox Studios entered into a partnership to create the Project Prometheus Training Center — designed entirely in HTML5 — giving fans the chance to demonstrate they are capable of being a crew member on the Prometheus ship.

“The HTML5 experience leans heavily upon jQuery for the UI and …

Xbox 360 236K Consoles Sold in April 2012, Still No 1 in the U.S.; Soon to Get Modified Internet Explorer 9; Google, Mozilla ‘Windows 8 on ARM Need Browser Choice Too’

Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) Coming to Xbox 360 KinectInternet Explorer 9 (IE9) Coming to Xbox 360 Kinect

Microsoft’s IE team is planning to launch an Internet Browser on the Xbox 360 with full integrated Kinect gestures! Since other rivalling consoles already include a stock web browser, a stock internet browser on the Xbox has been a much wanted feature from fans ever since the 360 launched back in …

Add a Linen Background to Google Docs for Free

If you have ever used Google Docs, you probably know the interface is too simple. Well no more, by using a plugin and nice big Linen JPG, you can turn Goodle Docs into a thing of beauty.

The creator, Matt Williams, noted that the background is “inspired by iOS/OS X Lion” and his …

Mozilla Enabling HTTPS Google Search by Default in Firefox

Firefox, which currently enjoys about 25 percent of browser market share, after a “period of testing” in the next few months, will implement HTTPS encrypted search by default for all Google search users — a change that will help prevent potential “eavesdropping” of what people are searching for.

“We are currently …