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YouTube Pro Series: Creators to Answer to your Burning Questions

YouTube Pro Series–Expert Panelists answer your questions about pitching ideas and working with advertisers to created branded deals. Sign up for Maker Camp 2013.

Meet ApriPetit Toshiba’s New Household Robot Prototype Designed to Help in Daily Chores

Meet ApriPetit Tashibas New Household Prototype RobotMeet ApriPetit Tashibas New Household Prototype Robot

Toshiba’s R&D department has built as a successor to their larger ApriPoco household robots a cute little “ApriPetit”. This guy stand 15 cm (5.9 inches) tall and follows along to conversations by moving its slug-like body and eyes in ways that resemble proper conversation was unveiled at ROBOMEC 2012.

Smoked by Windows Phone Lands in Microsoft Store, California; Software Engineer Develops ‘DarwinBot’ Robot for His Dog

Smoked by Windows Phone Challenge come to Microsoft StoresSmoked by Windows Phone Challenge come to Microsoft StoresMicrosoft’s $100 “Smoked by Windows Phone” challenge started in January during CES 2012 in Las Vegas, is now moving to company’s Store locations across southern California. In a February 10, Windows Phone team announced that today from 2 to 8 pm PT, Microsoft’s Ben Rudolph will be at the South Coast …

Meet Eddie the Robot Compatible with Robotics Platform and Kinect

Eddie RobotEddie RobotScott Hanselman, posted a demonstation video on Channel 9, recorded at CodeMash in Ohio, of a robot “Eddie”. Eddie was introdcued last year at Maker Faire New York. Among, others, a unique feature of EDDIE is that it integrates a Kinect as a powerful vision system for scenarios such as …

Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio 4 Beta 2 Released

Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio 4 Beta 2Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio 4 Beta 2Robotics Developer Studio 4 Beta 2 is now available enables hobbyists and professional or non-professional developers to create robotics applications targeting a wide range of scenarios.

“This release is an update that has the functionality of the previous Standard Edition with the addition of support for the Kinect sensor and a …

Kinect Motion Tracking Robot Controller Using RDS4

Remote controls are breaking new ground for Human-Robotic Interaction (HRI) by leveraging Natural User Interface (NUI) allowing users to carry out relatively natural motions, movements or gestures which in return control computer applications, manipulate on-screen content or in this case control a robot.

Gershon’s demo of ‘Motion Tracking Robot Controller’ is a great …

Microsoft Robots: EDDIE Snap Photos with a DSLR Camera; PETMAN Moves Eerily Like a Human

Microsoft has replaced party photographers with a robot.

“Microsoft’s new EDDIE (short for Expandable Development Discs for Innovation and Experimentation) can now roam a crowded room, focus on people’s faces and snap photos with a fancy DSLR camera,” revealed Keith Wagstaff.

Here is how it works: “EDDIE roams around autonomously, using …

Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio 4 Beta Rleased – A Look at RDS4 Beta

Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio 4 Beta is now released and has extensive support for the Kinect sensor hardware through the Kinect for Windows SDK allowing developers to create Kinect-enabled robots in the Visual Simulation Environment and in real life.

“You’ll be able to use the CCR/DSS programming model to access all of the …

Microsoft Surface + Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio = Cool NUI [Video]

Watch the video after the jump, how the Lowell Team from the University of Massachusetts use Surface and RDS to build a very natural user interface for controlling robots for search and rescue.

Introducing Kinect Services for RDS 2008 R3 [Video]

Trevor Taylor, Program Manager in the Microsoft Robotics team in the video below walks us through the features of the latest Kinect Services for RDS 2008 R3 toolkit.

Demonstrating support for the Kinect camera via Kinect for Windows SDK.

Video: Introducing Kinect Services for RDS (Robotics Developer Studio) 2008 R3

A New services that was recently released for Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio 2008 R3 allow to use Kinect in Robotics scenarios easily.

In the video below, you can watch a video of Trevor Taylor, Program Manager in the Microsoft Robotics team presenting the features of these new services.

You …

Kinect Services for RDS (Robotics Developer Studio) 2008 R3 Now Available!

A couple of weeks ago Microsoft released Kinect for Windows SDK Beta (Kinect SDK) –creating opportunities in exciting ways by making advanced technologies, such as skeleton tracking, available to everyone. Tody, Microsoft is making available a spinoff of it that works with its robotics development toolkit with releasing Kinect Services for …

Microsoft DreamSpark Evolves with New Additions ‘Kodu,Mathematics 4.0’ and More!

Microsoft DreamSpark has now grown with the addition of six new products. This release included: Kodu, SmallBasic, Mathematics 4.0, SQL Server 08 R2, XNA Game Studio 4.0 and Windows Embedded Standard 7.

In addition to the new software mentioned by Thompson, DreamSpark also contains such software …

Microsoft Surface 2.0: Flying Parrot AR Drones – Multi-Robot Command and Control

Winwise has created an entertaining control mechanism for the Parrot AR Drone using Microsoft Surface. The drone is usually controlled using a mobile device. It has an SDK that allows the controls to be adapted to whatever you might dream up. In this case, Surface MVP Nicolas Calvi dreamed big with Surface 1.0 in creating …

Webcast: Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio, Cars and Home Automation

Robotic technologies can be applied to many aspects of our lives including some that mayn’t seem as obvious. We’ve all seen scifi movies where there’re many robots running around assisting in our daily lives of the future. However what about now?

In this video Stacy Harris and John Mullinax talk about adding robotic …