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How to Rank Number 1 on Google By Matt Cutts

Rank #1 in Google search ranking, Matt CuttsRank #1 in Google search ranking, Matt Cutts

In the video below, Google’s head of spam Matt Cutts gives tips to webmaster to rank #1 on Google.com.

Introducing Apache Rave a New Web and Social Mashup Engine

The Apache Software Foundation announces the “Apache Rave,” a new open source web and social mashup engine that allows developers to build and engage with an array of social network technologies such as OpenSocial, W3C Widgets, and Activity Streams.

“The project started a year ago on March 1 2011, builds on …

‘Excel Mashup’ Launches – Quickly Create Rich and Interactive Data Mashups

Microsoft has launched a new website dubbed “Excel Mashup,” which allows you to create rich and interactive data mashups.

“Get started developing with Microsoft Excel Web App on SkyDrive using JavaScript in 3 quick steps: Upload your workbook on SkyDrive and make them into cool web applications to embed it on your website,” …

‘Augmented Projectors’: A Microsoft Research Mashes ‘Projectors, Motion Sensors and Kinect’ into Virtual Reality “Torch”

Microsof Research’s “Augmented Projectors”, in essence it seems to combine the results of other experimental projects – Kinect-based environment modelling, projection-based gesture interaction and spatial-aware projections into one super project.

At the center of this project is a handheld projector which provides a small window for the user into a digitally augmented environment …

YouTube Launches In Kenya and YouTube Feather

Google has announced the launch of a Kenyan version of YouTube to give Kenyans an easy way to discover local content and content producers. “This means that when users visit the Kenyan domain, they will immediately see the most popular videos in Kenya and local content that matches their interests,” said Farzana Khubchandani, Country Marketing …

Raw Data from Google Transparency Report Now Available for Developers and Researchers

Google just releasd the raw data behind Government Requests tool in CSV and various other machine-readable formats on the Transparency Report site.

“Interested developers and researchers can take this data and revisualize it in different ways, or mash it up with information from other organizations to test and draw …

Integrating Twitter into Television Event Increases Audience Engagement

Broadcasters are eager to provide new ways to drive viewer engagement. Twitter provides a forum for real-time context and commentary that turns watchers into participants. Twitter’s media team has worked with broadcasters on a new interactive experience. The video below showcases some of the on-air best practices broadcasters have embraced:

“Last …

Soundtrckr Leveraging Microsoft Cloud Tech Mashes Internet Radio with Social Networking and Location-awareness

Soundtrckr, a BizSpark One startup, mashes Internet radio with social networking and location-awareness to help users create a soundtrack for their lives.

Soundtrckr blends Internet radio with social networking and location-awareness. With it, people can play music they enjoy, find people nearby who are playing other types of music, …

Videos: Mashup -AR Drone on Microsoft Surface with the DREAM Controller

Here’s a mashup videos of Microsoft Surface + Parrot AR Drone + the DREAM Controller, tipped by Dr. Holly Yanco over at UMass Lowell’s Robotics Lab.

Creating Digital History the Ideal Classroom [Video]

This year, high school senior Michael Bateman created a video about his teacher’s class about “how a history class at Hartford High School is changing the way a classroom is run and students learn. “In it, he and others explain why their project is so valuable in relation to typical high school classroom coursework.”

Angry Birds ‘Peace Treaty and Queen Vs. Angry Birds Rock You — Noy Alooshe Remix’ Mashup Videos

Angry Birds, the best-selling mobile game from Europe’s Rovio, is turning into quite a cultural phenomenon. Here’re two viral video embedded below, — first featuring the angry birds and pigs in peace treaty talks:

….and another that’s bound to rack up a significant amount of views in the next few days: …

Myspace Does a Mashup with Facebook Allowing Users to Create Entertainment-focused Streams Based on Facebook Profile

MySpace and Facebook announced MySpace’s new Mashup with Facebook feature, which can sync all of your Facebook “likes” to MySpace in one click. MySpace will be getting Facebook like buttons, rolling out across the service starting today. Interests on MySpace will also be linked to relevant interests on Facebook, and MySpace will use your Facebook …

Bing Maps on UNCHR Help Protect and Empower Refugees

A Bing Maps mash-up by ShootHill launched on UNCHR to show geographical information on refugees, refugee assistance offices, and refugee-related stories from around the globe.

Shoothill’s described how they used Bing Maps and Silverlight technology to create a strong mapping element highlighting country-specific refugee information. A coloured heatmap allows users to clearly see …

Tripline: Visualizes Trips With Google Geo APIs

Tripline is a map-based plans to visualize upcoming trips, and it uses Google Maps API for Flash and animates progression from point to point using a simplified KML-like data structure. “We chose Flash primarily because it was the best platform to combine maps, animation, and soundtrack elements that were part of design. It also means …

Arcade Fire + HTML5 + Google Chrome + Google Maps and Google Street View = The Wilderness Downtown Mashup

Google launched a musical experience called “The Wilderness Downtown,” an interactive HTML5 music experience made specifically for the browser. It’s created by Chris Milk with band Arcade Fire and Google. “The Wilderness Downtown” is set to Arcade Fire’s new song “We Used to Wait”, and showcases many of latest developments on …