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ChakraCore Preview with N-API, Node.js on iOS, More Debuts

A new preview release of ChakraCore, based on Node.js 8, is now available on Windows, macOS and Linux.

Azure Live Streamed Rio 2016 Games to Millions Across all Devices Including Connected TVs

Azure handles record-breaking Rio 2016 Summer Games live streams, validates scalability. New HockeyApp Bridge App help explore data in Application Insights. TypeScript 2.0 RC.

Now Use Google App Engine to Sending Out iOS Push Notifications

“CloudPushSample for iOS – Java Backend” open source application use Google App Engine to send out iOS push notifications. Boundary app free to Compute Engine. Test drive VMs in 10 minutes. PubSubHubbub (PuSH) protocol v0.4.

jQuery 2.0 Paves the way for Open Source JavaScript Framework in Windows Store Apps

jQuery Adds Support for Windows Store Apps, Creates New Opportunities for JavaScript Open Source Developers.

Office 2013 Available Worldwide for Purchase; Windows Store App Crash Reports

Office 2013 SKUs and Office 365 now available for purchase around the world via Microsoft Store, or online portal. Microsoft offer crash reports to help developers get certify Windows Store apps. Warns users about fake Java updates and Oracle’s cloudwashing.

BizTalk Server 2013 & MBAM 2.0 Beta; AMQP 1.0 Now OASIS Approved; Windows Azure Toolkit for Eclipse November 2012 Preview; Office 2013 ADMX/ADML and Office Customization Tool Released

BizTalk Server 2013, an integration server that provides connectivity, Business Process Management (BPM), and SOA/ESB capabilities is now available for download.

It also includes Business to Business (B2B) integration capabilities, Adapters, Accelerators, and an RFID platform. The following feature are included in this addition:

  • Integration with Cloud Services – BizTalk …

Now Called Docs, Sheets, and Slides Available Chrome Web Apps; YouTube Live Streaming Hajj from the Grand Mosque of Mecca

Google Drive, a place where you can create, share, collaborate and keep all your stuff. And, to make it easier to create stuff quickly such as Documents, Spreadsheets, and Presentations-first, Google now re-branded them and henceforth called as “Docs, Sheets, and Slides.” Secondly, Docs, Sheets and Slides are now also available as apps …

Google Translating Lao; Infographic Popular Summer 2012 Google Maps Searches

Update 09/17: Google also quitely introduced enhancements to its search — specifically to “auto suggestions” for searh queries releate to human.

Now, when you type in to the search box, you’ll notice additional clarification, letting you decide between the famous artist or the museum named in his honor. Clicking those results takes you …

Windows Azure Mobile Services for Windows 8 Apps; Windows Azure Plugin for Eclipse with Java August 2012 Preview Launches

Windows Azure Mobile Services for Windows 8 AppsWindows Azure Mobile Services for Windows 8 Apps

The Preview Release of Windows Azure Mobile Services now available allow you to connect your Windows 8 apps to a cloud backend hosted in Windows Azure and easily store structured data, authenticate users, and send push notifications within minutes.

Microsoft says, that Mobile Services which is currently “only available …

Windows Azure SDK for .NET June 2012 Release ‘New Packaging Format, Side By Side Install of SDKs’ and More; Implement SSO with Windows Azure Active Directory

A new Microsoft post shared a good overview of the new Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) related capabilities in the June 2012 release of the Windows Azure SDK for .NET. Here is what is new:

New Packaging Format
With th June 2012 release, Microsoft opened up the packaging format of the …

HPC Pack 2008 R2 Service Pack 4; Linux Integration Services 3.3 for Hyper-V; Windows Azure Plugin for Eclipse with Java Jun 2012 CTP; Service Manager 2012 Monitoring Pack; Microsoft Driver for Node.JS for SQL Server Preview;

Windows HPC Pack 2008 R2 Service Pack 4Windows HPC Pack 2008 R2 Service Pack 4

Linux Integration Services Version v3.3 for Hyper-V is a set of drivers that enable synthetic device support in supported Linux virtual machines under Hyper-V. “When installed in a supported Linux virtual machine running on Hyper-V, the Linux Integration Components provide.”

  • Driver support: Linux Integration Services supports the network …

Jury, Google Didn’t Infringe Two of Oracle’s Android Patents — but the litigation is far from over

A U.S. federal court jury ruled this week that Google did not infringe upon any of the claims of Oracle’s patents with its use of Java components in its Android platform. The jury found against Oracle in each of the eight claims it was asked to assess.

The verdict came unanimously as jurors …

Street View Exposes ‘Secret Base’ in Israel; Google Subpoenaed in Zeus Botnet Case; Likely to be Fined by U.S. Court Over Apple Safari Breach; Lost Over $97.7 Million Android Money in 2010

Google Maps recently opened its Mapping services in Israel facing now some issues with images appearing on its Street View of what’s described as a “secret base” in the Tel Aviv area. But the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) says everything is fine. There’s nothing in the Ynetnews article that places any blame on …

Think With Google ‘Agile Creativity’; Help Desk Hangouts ‘Display Network Advertising with Google AdWords’; Improved Tooling for Cloud SQL and Google APIs Added to Google Plugin for Eclipse

Google revealed that they now have — 3 billion hours a of YouTube video viewing a month. To help you leverage the power of play — Google updated its “Advertise on YouTube Brand Channel.”

“Think of it as a single destination for all of YouTube’s brand building resources. On the “Build Your Brand” …

Java Security Update Patches OS X Lion, Mac OS X v10.6 Flashback Malware

Java Security Update Patches OS X Lion, Mac OS X v10.6 Flashback Malware – Siri Now Speaks Hindi & Arabic via Google Proxy Server