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Matt Cutts: Google Parked Domains Classifier Caused Recent Search Rankings Drops; 20K Hacked Notifications were for Sites Sffering from “weird redirects”

Following the recent Panda update a few weeks ago, Panda 3.4 – and while Google is preparing for the April 2012 search update “Over SEO Penalty” — over the past few hours search forums like Webmaster World and Google’s search discussion areas are a buzzed with a recent drops in search ranking.

Guide To Use Different Redirect ‘Block, Redirect or Canonical’ In Different Duplicate Content Cases

Duplicate content in search engine optimization (SEO) has been around for quite some time and Google has been been getting smarter in figuring out the best page to display in the SERPS from a list of duplicate content pages. Google claim its something less to worry about today, than before. But, they give advice …

.htaccess Essential Blog Security Using .htaccess File

This article discuss .htaccess rules to provide some security to your WordPress blog. You must add these rules to your root .htaccess file.

Blog Security Using .htaccess File

Protect .htaccess From Outside Access: This should be at the start of each and every root .htaccess file you ever create.

# Protect …

.htaccess Most Essential Blog Optimization Rules (mod_gzip or mod_deflate)

This blog post discuss blog optimization process using .htaccess rules. You must adde these rules to your root .htaccess (HyperText ACCESS) file. .htaccess Basics

Compress Content:

This next code utilizes Apache’s mod_gzip and newer mod_deflate code to compress files on the fly. As compressed files are smaller, less data must be downloaded to …

Top Best Free and Useful WordPress Security Plugins

This blog post discuss about the plugins for the over all WordPress security from the hackers, robots, spambots and other unwanted exploits.

    Admin SSL secures login page, admin area,posts and pages using Private and Shared SSL.

  1. Angsuman’s Authenticated WordPress Plugin allows you to make …

Best Useful WordPress Comment Security Plugins

WordPress is a most popular open source powerful blogging platform. That’s why it has been a huge attraction to the hackers, robots, spambots and other unwanted exploits. Here ‘re some security plugins to protect your WordPress comment system:

  1. Akismet one the most useful securicty plugins. It checks comments …

Drupal 7 ‘Improved caching system, Aggregation & gzip of multiple CSS, JS’

Drupal is a popular free and open source publishing platform powering sites such as The White House. This post highlights some of the improvements developed for upcoming Drupal 7 release:

  • Drupal 7 has made its caching system more easily pluggable to allow for easier memcache integration. Also enabled caching HTTP headers to …

HTML5 Boilerplate Offers Website Default for HTML5 Tech

Paul Irish, first, offered up Modernizr and now, he created an HTML5 boilerplate leverages best practices for a fast, robust and future-proof site. “You get the best practices baked in: cross-browser normalization, performance optimizations, even optional features like cross-domain ajax and flash,” read the site.

Here’re some features: Cross-browser compatible (IE6) , HTML5 …

SQL attack on WordPress blogs 2.9.2 at Network Solutions

A large number of WordPress blogs running 2.9.2, and hosted on Network Solutions are getting infected with malware. “The malware modifies “siteurl” inside “wp-option” table to point to http://networkads.net/grep/, breaking the site layout completely. None of them’re using “same plugins” or “same themes”. Some of them even have wp-admin access blocked to …

Tips to redirect site feed to maximize revenue potential

How do I maximize revenue for AdSense for feeds and ensure my subscriber stats are as accurate as possible? Please note, that just creating a creating FeedBurner account and setting up AdSense for feeds ad units is not enough. You must make sure, that 100% of your feed traffic be directed to the feed(s) you created in …

Sorry! for the partial downtime!

First off, I would like to apologise to all our visitior for the long downtime (partial) of our site on Dec 30, 9.00 AM PST to Dec 31, 2.15 PM PST. During this time, if you’ve visited he site, and tried to view a post in a single mode or any other site page, …