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Microsoft Pulls the Plug on its Hohm Service Effective May 31, 2012

Microsoft is shutting down its Hohm energy monitoring service effective May 31, 2012. The service will continue to operate until that time, Microsoft admitted the discontinuation of Hohm via a June 30 blog post.

Microsoft is claiming slow uptake is to blame. Per blog post:

“Due to the slow overall …

Microsoft Hohm Now Focus on Electric Cars Charging

Microsoft is now shifting the Hohm focus to emphasize electric-vehicle charging, according to a company executive.

Speaking at the Fortune Brainstorm Green conference in California Tuesday, Rob Bernard, said Microsoft is focusing Hohm to work with Ford’s all-electric Focus to manage electric-vehicle charging at home.

Microsoft will continue to offer Hohm …

Hohm PowerCost Monitor and WiFi Gateway to track energy usage

Microsoft and Blue Line Innovations released “Hohm PowerCost Monitor and WiFi Gateway”. “The device attaches to a household power utility meter. WiFi Gateway device wirelessly transmits energy use data to consumer’s Hohm account to provide personalized energy recommendations. Hohm also offers social networking communities on Facebook and Twitter to help users compare notes and get …

Hohm Scores available to 60 Million Homes in United States, Microsoft said

Starting May 26th, “more than 60 million homeowners will be able to answer one simple question: “Am I an energy hog or an energy miser?” Microsoft made available of “Hohm Score,” an estimate of a home’s energy efficiency, offered as part of company’s free online home energy management tool, Microsoft Hohm. By simply typing http://www.microsoft-hohm.com, …

Microsoft Hohm and Bing technology helping create Smart Grids to boost Energy efficiency

An alliance between Ford Motor Co. and Microsoft will enable Microsoft Hohm, an Internet-based service, to help electric vehicle owners optimize their vehicle recharging needs and better manage their home’s energy use. Hohm can also help utilities understand and better manage the rise in energy demand expected from the surge in electric vehicle ownership. “Smart …

Why Ford wants Microsoft Hohm to manage vehicle energy

Ford and Microsoft had a recent announcement where we’re teaming up to help people who charge their vehicles to do it when it has the least impact on the grid, and hopefully at a time that saves the user money:

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Microsoft Hohm + Social Networking = Community of Energy Savers Resources

Microsoft Hohm is an online app letting homeowners and apartment dwellers track energy use & receive personalized recommendations for saving energy. Several utility providers are also participating in Hohm, enabling their customers to automatically track actual usage and costs through the site. Hohm blog and related community on Facebook,

Ford, Microsoft to implement Hohm energy management app to help electric vehicle owners recharge more effectively

Ford Motor’s and Microsoft announced a new solution to make electric vehicle ownership easier and more affordable for consumers. “Companies are implementing Microsoft Hohm energy management app for Ford’s electric vehicles. Ford’s the first automaker to use Hohm, starting with Focus Electric next year. Hohm will help owners determine when and how to most efficiently …

Microsoft Hohm connects with Seattle City Light, US

Microsoft’s new home energy management service “Hohm” is now connected with a utility in US. Seattle City Light announced that its customers would be the first in the US to benefit from the ability to connect to Microsoft Hohm and get insights into data generated from their electricity consumption. Hohm is …

Hohm shows “way to energy-efficient future home”

Microsoft joined the energy conservation effort with Hohm, a web-based application that uses advanced analytics to provide consumers with personalized energy- and money-saving recommendations. Suggestions include plugging air leaks and insulating attics. Since its announcement, consumers worldwide’ve contributed comments on the Hohm Facebook page. Hardware manufacturers including Black & …