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Google Translate for Android Adds 50+ Languages; New Google Play Movie ‘Info Cards’

Offline language packages for Google Translate Android app with support 50+ languages support. Google Play adds new cards that provides you insight into a movie.

Google Maps Live Transit Information Updates in More NYC, DC and Salt Lake City

Google Maps Live Transit information updates–now offer realtime updates for 800 cities across more than 25 countries around the world.

Input Tools in Google ‘Search, Translate, Drive, Gmail’ Adds 100 Virtual Keyboards, 75 Languages

Communicating across languages in Gmail becomes easier, newly added “Input Tools” in Gamil –that comprises of over 100 virtual keyboards, transliteration and IMEs. Google Input Tools makes it easy to enter text in the languages you want, when you want them.

“Today we’re adding more than 100 virtual keyboards, transliteration and IMEs–collectively called …

New Transit Directions and Search Layers in Google Earth 6.2

New transit directions and Enhanced search in Google Earth 6.2New transit directions and Enhanced search in Google Earth 6.2Google has now enhanced search in Google Earth 6.2 making it even more powerful and easy to use. “We’ve added features that Google Earth previously didn’t have, like transit directions and search layers. And we’ve made sure that underneath these shiny new features, you still have access to the power and flexibility of …

Public Transport Directions for London Added to Google Maps and Google Maps for Mobile

Starting today, July 28, you can get public transport directions for London within Google Maps. “Google Maps added public transport directions for London within Google Maps, including Google Maps for mobile on iOS, Blackberry, and Android-powered devices. Now, whether you live in London or are just visiting, you can get public transport directions on your …

Live Transit Update Now Tell WhenYour Bus is Late on Google Maps for Mobile and Desktop

Google Maps for mobile and desktop now tell you when your ride is actually going to arrive with new live transit updates.

“We partnered with transit agencies to integrate live transit data in four U.S. cities and two European cities: Boston, Portland, Ore., San Diego, San Francisco, Madrid and Turin,” stated Google.

Street View (Chevrolet Captiva) Cars and Trike Driving in Bangalore, India – Google Transit Added DTC and AMTS

Google Street View cars, and the Google Trike — a specially designed three-wheel pedi-cab with a camera system mounted on top — started gathering images from select locations in and around Bangalore, India — such as the Nrityagram Dance Village over the next few weeks.

Unlike in the U.S., where Google is using …

Check-ins, Rate & Review Buttons Added to Place Pages in Google Maps 5.5 for Android

Google Maps 5.5 for Android released today now made it easier to check in and out of places, rate various locations, and get transit information.

  • New check-in and rating buttons
    Now when you open a Place page from mobile device, you can check in to places with Google Latitude or submit …

Mumbai Public Transport Information Arrives on Google Maps

Google India has made available the BEST Bus and Mumbai Local train routes and schedule information on Google Maps. This info is available both on desktop and on mobile for millions of commuters in Mumbai. Transit on Google Maps already includes info for Delhi Metro, Bangalore and Pune bus services in India in addition to …

Google Maps Adds Various Viewing Options Accessible with New Widget Display

Google has formally launched a new Google Maps display that makes the different viewing options much more visible.

Now, when accessing Google Maps, you’ll see a new widget in the upper right corner that allows you to easily select from either the Maps, satellite or Earth view. In addition, the single widget icon …

Google Added Pune (India) to Transit Services on Google Maps

Google India today added Pune city bus service (PMPML) public transport information to Google Maps.

Transit is now launched in over 500 cities around the world including in Delhi in partnership with Delhi Metro Rail Corporation where Delhi Metro routes on Google Maps and in Bangalore with BMTC launched Bangalore Bus routes.

Transit Directions on Google Maps Now Allows You To Alter Your Routes

Google has released advanced options for getting public transit directions on Google Maps, helping you customize your route based on your personal preferences.

“We work hard to provide the right results to get from A to B, but sometimes riders have their own preferences. For example, you might not mind a longer journey …

Google Maps Gets ‘Switching Transport Modes, View Details of a Single Trip at-a-glance’ and More!

Google Maps Directions team made it simpler to switch transport modes, change the time/date of your trip, get a high-level overview comparing different routes, and view details of a single trip at-a-glance.

Say that you’re planning a trip to the Z

Bengaluru India: BMTC Bus Routes Now On Google Maps ‘Desktop and Mobile’ Plus Google Transit Brings Delhi Metro on Google Maps

Google India said that starting today, commuters can find out bus schedules and routes for Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) Vajra, Vayu Vajra and Big10 buses that ply across Bengaluru via Google Maps on desktop and mobile. The easy access of this service takes the uncertainty away and helps commuters find their way around the …

Googles Automated Cars Equipped with “Artificial-intelligence, Video Cameras, Radar Sensors and Laser finder”

Google’s mission is “to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.” Their next step into that realm is making auto driving cars. Anyone driving the twists of Highway 1 between San Francisco and Los Angeles recently may have glimpsed a Toyota Prius with a curious funnel-like cylinder on the roof. Harder …