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Larger Google+ Hangouts & Premium Features for Apps Customers; Scholar Metric Grouped by Research Area

Google+ Hangouts that make it easy to hold face-to-face meetings with others from any device with a camera and an internet connection — “now let Google Apps for domain users invite up to 15 people to a hangout, compared to the previous 10-person limit,” informs Google.

In additiony, “more schools will be able …

Google Calendar App on Play Store; Cite in Scholar from Search Results

The official Google Calendar app for Android, which was until now exclusive to select Android devices like Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus, is now available for all Android devices running Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0.3+) or Android 4.1 (Jellybean).

Calendar app makes it easy to manage all your calendars in one place, including those …

Knowledge Graph Extands to all English-speaking Countries, Adds Subjective List, Gmail Info to SERPs, Enhances Voice Search

Google Search becoming even more intelligent with the Knowledge Graph, now extends to outside the U.S. all English-speaking countries- “starting today, Knowledge Graph results will appear across every English-speaking country in the world,” Google said.

“Knowledge Graph is a database of more than 500 million real-world people, places and things with 3.5 billion …

Google Scholar Adds ‘Sort by Date’ to Legal Search

Google Scholar today adding an option to sort legal search results by date, the most recent appearing first. The legal search to Google Scholar lets researchers find the most recent court opinions for their queries so that they can make sure they’re up to date.

To see the latest results for your query, …

Schemer Integrates with Google Offers; Docs Adds ‘Five New Themes, Search for Scholarly Works’ and More; Apps to Offer ‘Model Contract Clauses’ for EU Data Protection; Now Search Recent Additions in Scholar Index; Flight Search Landed in Canada

Five new themes added to Google DocsFive new themes added to Google Docs

A bunch of new features and updates released to Google Docs today include: the addition of five new themes (Color Strip, Inspiration Board, Lesson Plan, Steps, and Wave) to Google Presentations; the ability to search for scholarly works in the research pane.

Google also now making it possible to …

Spreadsheet Mapper 3 Adds ‘More Placemarks, Advanced Customization’ and More; New Modern Look Google Scholar; Connect with Customers using Hangouts On Air

Spreadsheet Mapper 3 launches today comes with a variety of new and improved features taking advantage of new features in Google spreadsheets and Google Apps Scripts.

For those new, “Spreadsheet Mapper tool enables anyone to easily create a well-designed KML file to show off their data in Google Earth and Maps. Since Spreadsheet …

Find and Follow Public Author Profiles with a Linkback in Google Scholar Results

Google Scholar Search Now Allows Authors linking name to their ProfilesGoogle Scholar Search Now Allows Authors linking name to their ProfilesGoogle Scholar makes it easier to keep up with colleagues’ work with the availability of “Find and Follow Public Author Profiles.”

“Public author profiles already appear in Google Scholar search results when someone searches for an author’s name, e.g., [hal varian]. Now, author names in search results can also link to …

Google Scholar Citations Now Open To Everyone!

Back in July, Google introduced “Google Scholar Citations,” a simple way for authors to compute their citation metrics and track them over time. Today, this service is now available to everyone, announced James Connor, Software Engineer.

“Your citation metrics will update automatically as we find new citations to your articles on the web. …

Google Scholar Citations Launches, Helps You Compute & Trach Citation Metrics

Citation metrics are often used to gauge the influence of scholarly articles and authors. Google Schoolar blog today announced the “Google Scholar Citations,” a simple way to compute citation metrics and track them over time.

“We use a statistical model based on author names, bibliographic data, and article content to group articles likely …

Google UK’s “Things to do” Helps You Learn Google Products & Features Interactively

Google is no doubt a synonymous to “search”. But, these day, Google do a lot then search, ‘Gmail, YouTube, Google Docs, Google Apps, Google Andriod, Google Chrome, Google Maps, Google Earth’ and the list goes on. Here’s something exceptional and is only available at Google UK – the UK team created “Things to do” page, …

Google Scholar: Entertaining legal opinions

In November 2009, Google added a legal opinions to Google Scholar. Legal opinions consider serious issues and help refine the laws that govern the United States country—but they can also be surprisingly entertaining. Google’ve shared some of these, here’s an example:

Rimes v. Curb Records, Inc., 2001 the opinion is written …

Google Scholar “Search for Citations” within search articles

Google Scholar rolls out a new feature where you can search for “citations of a search result, or paper”, called “search within this set.” To try it out, go to Google Scholar, search for something and click on “Cited by” link on the search results page:

Google Scholars’ Email Alerts Feature

Google Scholar started sending ‘email alerts’ when new articles of your interests are published. To try this new feature, go to Google Scholar, search for something you’re interested in and click email icon placed at the top of the search results pages. Even it’s extremely useful for students and researchers, for some reason, …