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Tag Archives Google Knol

New in Google Forms ‘Printed Forms’; Tests Google+ Integrated ‘Google Mine’

You can now print your Google Forms with ease. Google tests new Google+ integrated ‘Google Mine’ service.

Google Search Brings Nutrition Info of Over 1000 Foods

Google rolling out new “nutritional information” of over 1000 foods for English users in the US over the next ten days.

New Conversational Search Experience; Google Now Cards; Better Knowledge Graph

Google’s new search experience–introduces multi-screen “Conversational Search” hotwording prompting with “OK Google.” Knowledge Graph adds statistics, new languages. Google Now gets new “Reminders, Music, Public Transit,TV,Booksand Video Games” Cards.

Google Spring Cleaning Cutting Down ‘Bookmarks Lists, Friend Connect, Search Timeline, Knol ‘ and Other Products

Google just posted another blog post highlighting the off-season spring cleaning series. In a November 22 post Urs H

Google UK’s “Things to do” Helps You Learn Google Products & Features Interactively

Google is no doubt a synonymous to “search”. But, these day, Google do a lot then search, ‘Gmail, YouTube, Google Docs, Google Apps, Google Andriod, Google Chrome, Google Maps, Google Earth’ and the list goes on. Here’s something exceptional and is only available at Google UK – the UK team created “Things to do” page, …

Google knols with object embedding and PicApp

Google added a large number of new embeddable objects for maps, docs, spreadsheets, forms, slideshows, presentations, videos, gadgets and more. Embeddable objects help you make better knols, and have now added “PicApp,” that enables you to search for creative and editorial images from PicApp’s comprehensive, high-quality stock imagery repositories such as …

Google Knol gets “equation editor” and more features

Google Knol has gone improvements with lot of added new features: “collections, templates, categories, Google Analytics integration, review scorecards.” A recent feature added to Knol is a basic equation editor that uses the LaTeX …

‘How to talk to your doctor’ won Knol for Dummies.com contest

“How to talk to your doctor” by Dr. Jennifer Frank, won Google’s Knol for Dummies.com contest. It will be featured on Dummies.com, and she will receive $1,000. You can read Dr. Frank’s knol here. Dr. Frank’s tips on are just the type of authoritative content that makes great knols, announced …

Google Knol ‘Badges and Awards’

Google Knol recently completed its 100,000th publication. If you are contributing to Know, you can now earn awards. Knols with the highest number of page views are awarded “Top Viewed” status as signified by the Top Viewed award icon, listed both by Knol and by author. In second category “Top …

Custom Search added to Google Knol

Goolge has added Custom Search to Knol that bring the speed and relevance, including advanced spell checker of their search technology. Now, when you search within Knol, the search results look a little different from Web Search results, see this search for knee surgery. “We were able to maintain that …

Google Knol expands into ‘French, German and Italian’

Google Knol is quietly released in three international versions, enabling “French, German and Italian” speaking people to contribute to the site.

Google Knol Debates

Google has launched a new election debates tool on Knol, which’re meant to offer a variety of in-depth opinions from experts so you can really understand all sides of an issue. The debates on Knol are open to collaboration, so you can rate what you read, submit comments, write full responses (i.e. reviews),  or even …

Google Audio Knols

Google is testing a new feature in “Knol” that automatically converts articles to audio files, which can be played or downloaded. “We are experimenting with Audio Playback as an option for some knols, starting with a handful of English language featured knols. If this experiment is successful, …

Google Knol’s Internal Links

Knol, Google’s knowledge sharing service has improved the way articles are interlinked. When you create a link, Knol shows search results for the selected text, promoting its own content. Some knols include an automatically-generated list of related knols in the sidebar. Here’s some interesting knols: a well-documented history of Arctic …