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Budget Pacing Reports Arrive in DoubleClick Search; Research WhitePaper on the Value of Combining Audience with Contextual Targeting

Budget Pacing Reports now available in DoubleClick Search (DS) interface, and will allow you to track performance against a budget in the DS UI.

“By visualizing week-over-week, day-over-day, or month-over-month trends, Budget Pacing Reports allow you to quickly identify campaigns that are under-spending or underperforming” posted DS team.

These reports save …

Google Donates

Earlier this week via Google Gives Back 2011, Google announced shared how they are supporting science museums internationally through charitable gifts. Today, one of those museums, the Science Museum in London, gave details of two forthcoming exhibitions supported by their Google grants.

Google donates £550,000 to Bletchley Park, LondonGoogle donates £550,000 to Bletchley Park, London

First, a new temporary …

Google Gives Back 2011: Looking Back this Year’s Grantees and Forward in 2012

Google Gives Back 2011Google Gives Back 2011Google Gives Back 2011 site launched today provides highlights on some grants that the company is making to support education, technology and the fight against modern day slavery.

“This year we gave more than $100 million to various organizations around the world — including $40 million in grants that celebrate the …

Google Tests New Google+ Inspired ‘Sign-in’ Page Across Its Products and Services

Google is currently experimenting a new sign-in page to be inline with Google+ design — if you go to Gmail and you aren’t logged in, you should see a message at the bottom of the page:

“Coming soon: A new sign-in page! Preview it.”

Battling “Below First Page Bid” Status Through Increasing Quality Score

At some point of time, you may have seen “Below first page bid” in the status column of your keywords. Given the CPC bid limit of $1 for Google Grants accounts, sometimes it’s frustrating for you to receive traffic, let alone clicks, on some of your valuable, but often more general keywords.

“Since …

Google Grants Turns 8 – Happy 8th Birthday

It’s the 8th birthday of Google Grants. “Launched in 2003, Google Grants is a unique in-kind donation programme that awards free AdWords advertising to selected charitable organisations around the globe. The programme helps non-profit organisations use AdWords to reach people who are searching Google.co.in for information that is relevant to their organisation. Keyword-targeted text ads …

Earth Hour 2011 On March 26: Go Beyond the Hour!

At 8:30 PM on Saturday 26 March, lights in more than 130 countries across the planet will switch off for “Earth Hour.” Earth Hour events are being run around the world – including by students in Morocco, Girl Scouts in America, bank staff in Qatar and researchers in the Antarctic.

This year, Earth …

Google for Nonprofits Program and Google for Nonprofits Marketplace Launched

Google today launched the “Google for Nonprofits” program, which provides exclusive product offerings and enhanced online resources, “we’ll be able to help U.S.-based nonprofits reach more donors, improve operations and raise awareness for their cause,” Google said.

“If you work for a nonprofit, you can sign up Google Products through a one-stop …

AdWords: Your Keywords And Quality Score

“AdWords system calculates a “Quality Score” for each keyword in your account. It looks at a variety of factors to measure how relevant your keyword is to your ad text and to a user’s search query. A keyword’s Quality Score updates frequently and is closely related to its performance. In fact, …

Google Begin Retiring Public Service Ads (PSAs) from AdSense Sites

Google today announced of “retiring public service ads (PSAs) from AdSense sites” to focus on developing new opportunities for these partners. So, what does this mean for you as a publisher?

“If you’ve previously selected “Show public service ads” in the “Backup ads” section of the new AdSense interface (or the “Alternate ads …

Google Extends Free Transaction Processing for Google Grants Recipients Through 2011

Google today announced that as part of the Google Checkout for Non-Profits program, free transaction processing for Google Grants recipients will be extended through 2011.

“So if you’re part of the Google Grants program, you’ll be able to use Google Checkout to accept donations without paying transaction processing fees in the coming year. …

Grantspro: An Updated Version of Google Grants Additional Services Program

Google Grants launched “Grantspro,” updated version of the Additional Services Program, that “offers an additional $30,000 per month (for a total of $40,000 per month) to grantees who meet certain requirements. Grantspros aren’t required to submit quarterly analytics reports as in Additional Services program. All analytics data is requested on Annual Survey, which was sent …

Google Donnates $20 Million In Charities As Holiday Gift

Google bid farewell to 2010, with a message, “We’re grateful for the millions of Google users who helped continue our success in 2010, and we want to do our part to help charitable organizations that’re working tirelessly to meet increased need with decreased funding.”

“In this spirit, our global sales team led by …

Google Grants Tips to Monitor & Optimize Your AdWords Account

Many organizations make the mistake of thinking that once created, their AdWords account should be left to work on its own. “However, it’s fundamental that you monitor the results that the account is generating for you so that you can adapt it as frequently as it’s necessary. Don’t base your decisions for introducing change on …

Online Ads Best Practices And Policies for AdWords and Google Grants Advertisers

AdWords advertisers, as well as Google Grants advertisers, have to be particularly focused on solid ad text as they’re the main ingredient to make their campaign work. These ads must also comply with AdWords policies.

“First, if you want to modify an ad, its recommend creating a new one and leaving the old …