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Google Spring Cleaning Cutting Down ‘Bookmarks Lists, Friend Connect, Search Timeline, Knol ‘ and Other Products

Google just posted another blog post highlighting the off-season spring cleaning series. In a November 22 post Urs H

Google UK’s “Things to do” Helps You Learn Google Products & Features Interactively

Google is no doubt a synonymous to “search”. But, these day, Google do a lot then search, ‘Gmail, YouTube, Google Docs, Google Apps, Google Andriod, Google Chrome, Google Maps, Google Earth’ and the list goes on. Here’s something exceptional and is only available at Google UK – the UK team created “Things to do” page, …

eBay Social Shopping Gadget Alpha for Google Friend Connect

Google released a “eBay Social Shopping Gadget” Alpha for Google Friend Connect, so webmasters can easily add “social shopping” functionality to their website /blog(s). “eSS gadget lets users browse on eBay same way if they were on eBay, and also allows them to share their shopping experiences. In addition to searching entire eBay.com, users can …

Friend Connect available for Drupal and Joomla

Google released the Friend Connect to popular open source CMS platforms Drupal and Joomla, features includes, like Interest Polls, AdSense, Newsletter Subscriptions, Featured Content, and gadgets such as Members, Comments, Recommendations, Activities, Reviews and Social Bar. When a user joins Friend Connect site, an account is created and automatically associated …

Google Friend Connect sites and Twitter single login support

Google now allows joining Google Friend Connect sites using your Twitter login. Once signed in, your Twitter profile will be automatically linked and you can tweet your new site membership, share discussions from comments gadget, and invite your friends via Twitter. Already using Google Friend Connect on your site? These features’re live and …

Google Friend Connect offers personalization and AdSense ads

Google Friend Connect let website owners get to know their users, encourage users to get to know other and personalize their site content, including Google ads. • Custom newsletters offers newsletters. You can select to send them to your entire Friend Connect audience or send newsletters according to interest. •

Google Friend Connect simplifies setup process

Until today, to activate Google Friend Connect features and gadgets, webmaster were required to upload a file to their website. Now, you no longer’ve to download or upload files. To get started with Friend Connect features, all you have to do is submit your website’s name and URL after logging into www.google.com/friendconnect …

Google Friend Connect integrates with orkut

With the international launch of Google Friend Connect; Google has now integrated it with orkut, allowing you to bring your orkut friendships with you to a host of participating sites. Login to Friend Connect using your orkut credentials, link in your orkut account, and …

Google Friend Connect; Now speaks 47 languages

With site owners using Google Friend Connect to build a community around their content in a variety of languages, and visitors from all over the world, Google Friend Connect is now available in 47 new languages such as:  French, German, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Hindi and Portuguese. Site owners simply set …

Google Web Elements for Custom Search, Friend Connect and more announed at Google I/O

Google Web Elements adds richness, interactivity and monetization to your website with the simplicity of copy and paste to Google products: Calendar, Custom Search, YouTube, News, Maps, Spreadsheets, Presentations, and more. Each element is designed to help you get started quickly without spending time on the deep technical details, announced Google Code blog.

Netlog social network integrates with Google Friend Connect

Netlog a popular social networking service with more than 45 million users across Europe is integrating with Google Friend Connect using OpenID, OAuth, and OpenSocial standards. Netlog users can:

Complete list of Google Friend Connect community gadgets

Google Friend Connect has added several new ways for you to make your site more engaging and gives your visitors a new way to interact with your content and other visitors. Here is a quick overview of these gadgets:

Google Friend Connect ‘comments gadget’ launched

Google Friend Connect launched an enhanced comments gadget that allows “visitors from all over the world leave messages in their native tongue, and other viewers will be able to instantly translate these comments into the language of their choice”. Watch the video below to learn more:

Event Widget added to Google Friend Connect

Google Friend Connect launched a new event gadget that lets site owners spread the word about upcoming events that may be of interest to their communities. Members can sign in and RSVP, and their responses will appear directly on the website. A Google Map showing the event’s location is automatically embedded.

Google Friend Connect API available in Code Labs

Google Friend Connect lets a site owner instantly awaken and strengthen the community that visits their web site by adding a “social bar” gadget. Now, they’ve released “Friend Connect API” to developers. This release is documented in code.google.com. To take advantage of the the API …