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Tag Archives Google Earth

Experience the World with Street View in Google Earth VR – Community Updates Under “Local” tab on Google News

You can now experience an immersive 360° imagery with Street View in Google Earth VR. Chrome 64 to add new autoplay media controls. Google News nring Community Updates.

Google Earth for iOS App Helping You Plan Your Adventure

Google Earth for iOS, brings all the same major upgrade of new Google Earth.

Search, Explore New Places with Google Earth VR and Oculus Rift

Now you can search, explore new locations in Earth VR Earth VR using Oculus Rift.

New Google Earth with Interactive Guided Tours, This is Home, More Rolls Out

New Google Earth on the web and Android with interactive guided tours, explore anywhere with Knowledge Card and more lands.

Gmail Drops Support for Chrome 53 and Lower, Chrome for iOS Open Sourced

Starting February 8, 2017, Gmail will no longer supporting Chrome browser version 53 and below. Chrome for iOS and Google Earth Enterprise (GEE) released under open-source.

Tweet Emoji @Google for Local Search Results Reply, Google Unveils 90k Sq Km of Water on Earth

Now you can tweet Google an emoji and it will send local search results in reply. Google unveils most detailed view of water on Earth through Google Earth Engine.

Google Earth Timelapse Releases Most Comprehensive Update Yet

Timelapse imagery update brings “petabytes of new data, sharper view of the Earth from 1984 to 2016,” TensorFlow 0.12 adds support for Windows; Now Run GCP PowerShell Cmdlets on Linux and Windows.

Now Explore Planet in Virtual Reality with Google Earth VR

Fly over a city, stand at the top of the highest peaks, and even soar into space with Google Earth VR. Google adds smart scrolling to mobile web maps.

Street View Images of Jefferson’s Monticello Now Available

Google incorporated Monticello, home of Thomas Jefferson, in Charlottesville, Virginia on Google Maps. New Google Now Music Card. New, updated 3D imagery of 50 U.S. cities added to Google Maps/Earth.

Google Earth 7.1 for Android, iOS with Street View and Refreshed Gogole Maps/Earth Satellite Imagery

Google Earth mobile for iOS, Android now in over 100 countries. New features include: addition of Street View, new streamlined interface, improved 3D directions. New, cloud-free satellite imagery in Google Maps, Earth and DynamicMapsEngineLayer released.

Explore New and Existing Features of Google Maps & Earth with “Mapping with Google”

Mapping with Google, a new Google Online course helps you discover features of Google Maps/Earth Learn to plot points of attraction, find and map all the best spots in town, or create a custom 3D tour.

Google Earth Releases New Time-lapse Browsable HTML5 Map Imagery

Google Earth’s new global time-lapse imagery built from millions of satellite images and trillions of pixels, lets you explore this zoomable map. Street View images in Google Maps card.

50 Country Launches on Street View – Google Earth Pro 7.1 Released

Spin the globe through Street View of over 5 million miles of the world, in 50 countries. Comprehensive Google Maps with new information for Southeast Asia. Earth Pro 7.1 with better ways to edit maps and measure site views.

Google Sharing Stories of Bletchley Park; Google Earth Outreach Developer Grants Open

Google’s new initiatives sharing online stories of Bletchley Park “home of the code-breakers.” Registration for 2013 Google Earth Outreach Developer Grants opens. Modern look CSE control panel.