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Google Sharing Stories of Bletchley Park; Google Earth Outreach Developer Grants Open

Google’s new initiatives sharing online stories of Bletchley Park “home of the code-breakers.” Registration for 2013 Google Earth Outreach Developer Grants opens. Modern look CSE control panel.

DoubleClick Search (DS) Launches New In-product Search Feature

DoubleClick Search (DS) Search in the DS UI features lets you quickly search across an advertiser to find the campaigns, ad groups, and just about anything else in DoubleClick Search (DS) you’re looking for. With a search results page that loads like lightning and the ability to pivot to see results for different entity types, you’ll find what you need in no time. New Custom Search Engine (CSE) simiplifies layout that displays results in an overlay, on top of any content on your page, and one snippet for search box and results.

Congressional District Targeting for Google AdWords; Google Custom Search Element v2 Now with Asynchronous Code Launched

Starting today, in addition to targeting specific zip codes in AdWords, Google introduces “Congressional District Targeting for Google AdWords,” that allows political campaigns to reach voters within a specific Congressional District.

Now, “with congressional district targeting in AdWords, campaigns can quickly and easily target their search, display, mobile and video ads solely within …

Customize Ads Background Colors in Google CSE; YouTube Automatic Captions Now in Spanish; Reporting Changes in Adwords API for New Mobile Features; Two New Apps Script Added to Domain Administrators; Holding Creative Sandbox at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity

Google for past months working improving the look and feel across its producs and services including of Google Custom Search Engine, today, the CSE team has announced of redesinging how the ads are displayed on CSE search results pages to provide users another way to distinguish ads in CSE search result pages.

“With …

Google Custom Search Engine (CSE) Adds Sorting and Filtering Search Results Features; AdWords Features Now Quickly Available in Dot Release and Beta

Using Custom Search Engine (CSE), Google releasing today two improvements to sorting and filtering of search results in CSE.

First, CSE now supports UI-based results sorting, which you can enable in the Basics tab of the CSE control panel. Once you’ve updated the CSE element code on your site, a “sort by” picker …

New Default Google Custom Search Results Page Plus a New Search Box

Google Custom Search Engine (CSE), just announced a new results style calling it more modern and streamlined, which is based on the evolving Google+ design and experience across Google properties.

“This look will be the new default for new custom search engines, and admins of existing custom search engines can also choose this …

Image Results Now Available from Google Custom Search API; My Places Tab on Google Maps Now Displays Past Directions and Locations; U.S.-Japan Economic Harmonization Initiative

Image Results no available to Custom Search APIImage Results no available to Custom Search APIGoogle on December 2, 2011, added image results to Custom Search Engines to enable sites to offer image-only results that showcase photos and other digital images.

Today, the team announced, that site owners can now access throguh the Custom Search API.

Note that you need to enable image search …

Share Google Site Search Query Quota between Paid GSS and free CSE – Upcoming Google Docs Features: Improved Paragraph Styles & New Web Fonts

Google Site Search owners who manage multiple Google Site Search engines can now “share query quota between paid GSS and free Custom Search engines.”

In a February 2 Custom Search blog post, Yong Zhu, said, “this may be useful for you if you pay for a quota with Google Site Search and you’d …

Update Your Google Custom Search Engine Index with Landing Page URL

Google CSE Now Support Landing Page URL for IndexingGoogle CSE Now Support Landing Page URL for IndexingGoogle Custom Search Engine team today introduces a new way to add new pages to your’s search index, in addition to already existing “on-demand indexing”, and “keeping a Sitemap up to date”–

starting today, “all verified site owner in Webmaster Tools can simply provide CSE with a page’s URL that links …

Custom Search Engine JavaScript API Now Fully Documented! – More Control for Delegated and Secondary Google Apps Domain Admins

Google Custom Search EngineGoogle Custom Search EngineGoogle Custom Search (CSE) JavaScript API is now fully documented! The CSE team just posted following updates to Custom Search docs:

  • “Comprehensive JavaScript reference for the Custom Search Element. Completely overhauled Custom Search Element API documentation now provide a comprehensive overview of all the JavaScript methods available.

Promotions and Match Mode in Google Custom Search Autocompletions

Google Custom Search Engine (CSE)Google Custom Search Engine (CSE)Custom Search Autocompletions, which allow you to add a list of useful queries users see as they type in the search box today received following improvements:

Promotions in Autocomplete
Promotons are a great way to call special attention to a result by putting it at the top …

‘Improved Blog Search, Original Content Signal, Flight Search Results’ and More Added on Google.com; Now Add Image Results Tab to Custom Search Engine (CSE)

GoogleGoogleFor photos-focused sites, image results are a great way to showcase beautiful photos and help visitors to on the site quickly and easily find the photos they want. Now, you can “add an image results tab to your Google Custom Search Engine (CSE) to offer visitors image-only results in a variety of image-optimized …

Adding Google Custom Search (CSE) Promotions Now More Flexible

Google Custom Search (CSE)Google Custom Search (CSE)Google Custom Search (CSE) team today annouced several new features to give user more flexibility on how and when to trigger “Custom Search promotions”, which enable you to put relevant information at the top of your search results for specific queries.

  • “Use Regular expressions instead of verbatim query matches to …

Iframe CSEs Transitioning to Element; 2012 Google Model Your Town Competition Announced; DFP Small Business; Hack4Transparency in EU Parliament

GoogleGoogleGoogle announced that they have begin transitioning all Google-hosted iframe Custom Search Engines (CSEs) to the Custom Search Element. “No work is required from CSE owners. Moving from the iframe option to the Element enables those CSEs to take advantage of our latest features, like automatic thumbnails,” stated

National Resource Directory (NRD) Search Engine for Military Veterans Launches, Powered by Google Custom Search

Google has announced that its Google Custom Search technology is now powering the National Resource Directory (NRD) search engine launched today for job seekers in the U.S.

In a blog post, Christina Chen, Product Manager, Custom Search Team notes “Earlier today, President Obama spoke about the importance of helping returning military veterans find …