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Presenting Google Graveyard Spooky Graphic by Microsoft

On Monday October 31st, the Halloween day, Microsoft’s Tom Rizzo, a SharePoint Senior Director, poked some fun and threw some stones at rival Google, commenting on Google’s frequent and most recent annoucements of retiring Gooogle Products and Services.

“The wind is blowing, and I think I hear a howl.

After all, …

FTC Settles Google Buzz Privacy Complaint, Calls for ‘Regular, Independent Privacy Audits for the Next 20 Years’

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and Google reached a settlement about Google Buzz’s deceptive privacy practices. The FTC gave the bill unanimous support (the vote was 4 – 0) in the official vote this month.

Under the settlement, Google agreed to prominently disclose when it transfers user information to third parties, identify the …

Google Labs, Boutiques.com, Like.com R.I.P.; Sunsetting Buzz, iGoogle Social, Code Search and More!

Google just posted on its offical blog, a list of the fall sweep. “We aspire to build great products that really change people’s lives, products they use two or three times a day. To succeed you need real focus and thought–thought about what you work on and, just as important, what you don’t work on. …

Eric Schmidt: ‘Google+ was Built As an Identity Service, Will Help Google Build Future Products’

How does Google justifies the policy given that real identities could put people at risk? Well, Google+ was built primarily as an identity service and will be used to help Google build future products, Schmidt said.

In a Google+ post, NPR’s Andy Carvin, summarized the Google Executive Chairman Eric …

Google Tests New Google+ Inspired ‘Sign-in’ Page Across Its Products and Services

Google is currently experimenting a new sign-in page to be inline with Google+ design — if you go to Gmail and you aren’t logged in, you should see a message at the bottom of the page:

“Coming soon: A new sign-in page! Preview it.”

Partial Response and Patch Added to Google APIs for Lightning Fast! Performance

Google added support for partial response and an improved version of partial update, called “patch,” to a number of newer APIs such as Buzz, URL Shortener, Tasks and many all others APIs available in the Google APIs Discovery Service and the APIs Explorer are now supporting this feature, blogged Anton Lopyrev, Associate Product Manager for …

Google+ Integration With Google Apps Spotted, Coming Soon!

It appears that Google+ will be available in Google Apps.

Right now, there’s no support for Buzz or Profiles in Google Apps, but that should change in the near future. Google’s John Costigan confirmed this: “We’re actively working on making Profiles (and Google+) available for Google Apps – it should be available in …

Google Profiles Will Now Be Public, All Private Profiles Will Be Deleted After July 31st

Back in March, it was announced that there would be no more private Google profiles after July 31st. Now, the launch of Google+ solidified this stance as the Google’s public profiles page it states:

Public profiles

The purpose of Google Profiles is to enable you to manage your online identity. …

Google’s Access to Twitter’s Firehose Expired, Caused Realtime Search ‘Mysteriously’ Disappeared

Eariler in the day, diTii reported that Google’s realtime search is no more avialable. Well as it turns out the reason behind the mysterious disappearnce was, “on July 2nd Google’s access to Twitter’s special firehose expired and it pulled the feature in order to rethink its strategy.”

Bing, …

Google+ Takes on Facebook [Animation Video]

NMA latest in its tech blog baiting campaign, capturing Google’s multiple attempts to crack the nut of social in subtitled CGI format. The Taiwanese folks have chose to represent the Buzz debacle as a guy who conspicuously resembles Mark Zuckerberg spying on a woman in the shower and Google Wave as a group of people …

Google+ Code Reveals +Games – Google Plus Isn’t for Kids

Google+, the search giant’s social platform will not let you enter into the system if you are not over a certain age, putting up this warning:

“Could not sign you in to Google+. You must be over a certain age to use Google+.”

Besides all of the …

Picasa Web Albums Offers More Free Storage to Google+ Users

If you are a Google+ user, Picasa Web Albums offers more free storage, according to Picasa Web’s help center, “photos up to 2048 x 2048 pixels and videos up to 15 minutes won’t count towards your free storage”.

If you upload photos from Google+, they’re automatically resized to 2048 pixels on …

Google+ Bring Real-life Sharing, Circles, Sparks, Hangouts and Mobile to Android and iOS Devices

In order to bring the nuance and richness of real-life sharing to software. Google introduces the “Google+ project,” an extension of the existing Google Profiles and Buzz, with many new features that make sharing more useful. Google’s plan to compete with Facebook is to bring “the subtlety and substance of real-world interactions” to the Web. …

Google Profiles Could Get ‘Face Recognition’

Analyzing Google’s code revealed a lot of interesting features.

“For example, Google Profiles will add an option that will allow Google to recognize your face in other people’s photos.”

“Picasa Web’s name tags can become global: a new section from your profile titled “photos of you” will list the photos from …

Google Social Search Goes Global Now Available in 19 Languages; +1 Feature Coming Soon!

Social Search today rolled out globally in 19 languages. “People around the world will find similar types of social results as people in the US, and we plan to introduce the +1 feature as soon as we can. With these changes, we want to help you find the most relevant information from the …