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Google App Splits into ‘Interests & Upcoming Events’ Categories

With this latest refresh of the Google app, a single tap will load your life’s interests and updates.

Microsoft Settles 3,265 Software Piracy Cases, Launches InRelease for Visual Studio 2013 Preview

Microsoft CityNext empowering urban communities and businesses to find new ways to overcome challenges and reach goals. Settles 3,265 software piracy cases in US and abroad. InRelease for Visual Studio 2013 Preview.

Google Invests $12 Million USD in Jasper Power Project, Africa

Google invests $12 million USD in renewable energy in “Jasper Power Project,” South Africa. Inked a 10 year agreement with O2 and Allianz to supply Finnish data center with renewable energy. Stay safe online with new, privacy and security tips.

Google Reports $14B (Up 31%) Revenue in Q1’2013, Says Google Glass Runs on Android

Larry Page, confirms that Google Glass runs on Android mobile OS. Reports $14 billion in revenue, Net Income of $3.35 billion. Google working on a program for companies to buy renewable power for their operations.

Doodle 4 Google 2013 is Open for Submission! Winning Prize $30K in Scholarship

Google is inviting K-12 students around the United States for the 6th annual U.S. Doodle 4 Google competition. The winning artist will win a $30k college scholarship, and $50k technology grant for school. Also, Google pledges $2.65M to the Energy Foundation to support policy reforms for more intelligent energy use. And, the Ad Blitz Pre-Game, a YouTube channel curated playoff coverage and predictions for the Big Game launches.

Google Invests Approximately $200 Million in a West Texas Wind Farm

Google in a most recent renewable energy deal, invested approximately $200 million equity in Spinning Spur Wind farm in west Texas. Now, has total 11 renewable energy investments since 2010. Google Analytics posts “Insights for 2013: Understanding Your Customers & The Full Value of Digital.”

Facebook Shares Carbon Footprint, Energy Use of its Data Centers and Global Offices for 2011

Facebook 2011 Carbon FootprintFacebook 2011 Carbon Footprint

Facebook shared its 2011 carbon footprint, energy mix and energy use for data centers and global offices.

“We’re releasing this data because we believe in the power of openness, and because we hope that adding another data point to our collective understanding of our industry’s environmental impact will help …

Google Achieve 65-85% Energy Savings Migrate to Apps

Google revealing how its products helping in green IT, today posted that their study about how Google Apps as a whole stacks up against the standard model of locally hosted services — show that a typical organization can achieve energy savings of about 65-85% by migrating to Google Apps.

Last year, company made …

‘The Story of Send’: Takes You on a Journey through Google Datacenters by Following an Email Along its Path – Think Insights Expands to Cover 21 Countries

Story of Send on Google Green: Follow an emails journeyStory of Send on Google Green: Follow an emails journey

If you ever wondered what what happens and where your message goes after you hit “send?” How does an email travel from your computer to your friend’s smartphone across the country or around the world?

To answere these and other such questions, Google created a new web site entitled …

Google Launches New Search Education Hub; When is a map more than a map?; Sponsoring World Press Freedom Day; Carbon Disclosure Ratings in Google Finance

Google just launched a new site “When is a map more than a map” aimed at showing the ways in which mapping can be put to work for retailers. The site has examples of great implementations ranging from classic store locators, to promoting in-store events, and even indoor mapping, as well as showcasing the best …

Chromebooks Hangout On Air; Google for Entrepreneurs Nashville; Goes Arbor Neutral; Talks Freedom of Speech at Belgodyssee; Winners of ‘Zeitgeist Young Minds’ Announced

After been carbon neutral since 2007, Google this Arbor Day, gone “arbor neutral” — what does that mean? In short, “every tree that is cut down for Google’s printing needs, Gogole will replant it…twice.”

In a Google Green blog, Jaclyn Held, Operations Manager, said, “Google will be making a donation …

Green on Facebook Social Energy App; Facebook iPad App Now Support Retina Display

Green on Facebook AppGreen on Facebook App

Facebook has announced a new social energy app dubbed “Green on Facebook”, developed in partnership with the National Resources Defense Council and OPOWER, will let you find answer to questions susch as: How much energy do you and your friends consume? Would you like to use less?

“With an …

Find Flights Worldwide Using Flight Search; Water Conservation at Douglas County Datacenter [Video]

Google Flight Search now lets globetrotters search for destinations outside the U.S. Now, you can find flights, including international destinations, from the U.S. quickly and conveniently.

A quick click over each city on the map will show the different options available to you almost instantly — and click the chart next to the …

Microsoft Shows More Kinect for Windows Projects ‘a Gesture based 3D Model Navigation and MECOMS Smart Home’

The sales for Kinect have been amazing with over 18 million sold in the past year and the device wa also honored to receive a Guinness World Record for the fastest selling consumer electronics device ever.

Since, last year’s debut of Kinect for Windows, the device has caught on with a …

Windows 8: Improved Power Efficiency for Apps; Windows Store Games Spotted; Metro-style Apps Deliver HTML5 Web Contents in IE10

Windows 8’s Metro style apps has all the performance benefits of IE10 when showing HTML5 Web content. “In Metro style apps, Web content is always JIT compiled and hardware-accelerated,” mentions Microsoft’s IE team.

Many applications embed HTML to provide a richer and always up to date experience for consumers.

“Anyone writing …