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New to Social Computing, Here is a Social Media Cheat Sheet

If you are new to social media, and wants a head start — Flowtown created a infographic “The Small Business Social Media Cheat Sheet” offering what the title says “cheat sheet”.

So take a look at the infographic below: (click to blow up)

Social Media Cheat Sheet: Infographic

Digg Newswire Beta Launches To Help Promote Breaking Stories

Digg released a new service ‘Newswire’ beta, that help users both find and break upcoming news and is the first time that Digg is showing who ‘buried’ an article since the release of Digg Version 4. Newswire will essentially fast-track an article to the homepage of Digg, but will also give users more power to …

Available Google +1’s for Purchase in Bulk, Denominations Starts ’50, 250, 2000′

According to a report, a web site that goes with the name Plussem.com, and is an arm of SEOShop.com, is offering Google’s +1s at the rate of 50 for $10, 250 for $30, or 2,000 for $170.

The company says, “Buying Plus Ones can help your site out by …

Google Profiles: More Hidden Social Network Connections Spotted

Back in Feb. this year, Google announced changes to the way they integrate social results with normal search results. In the process, they added the ability to publically or privately link your Google profile with accounts on several social networking sites.

Today, if you visit the connected accounts settings for your …

Video: Kevin Rose Bought Facebook Shares on SecondMarket

In this video clip posted this week, Digg CEO, Kevin Rose announces that he and Tim Ferriss have made a co-investment in Facebook on the secondary market.

Rose confirms that that “he and Ferriss actually bought shares on SecondMarket at a $45 billion valuation. The “craziness” Rose is referring to is Facebook’s recent …

Kevin Rose iPad 2 Coming in 3-4 Weeks with ‘Higher DPI, Dual Cameras’

Digg’s Kevin Rose today claimed on good authority that Apple’s second generation iPad will debut in “3-4 weeks”, possibly Tuesday February 1st. Te iPad 2 will feature a “higher dpi”, (NOT a retina display) in addition to dual cameras.

From: Kevin Rose (Foundation Newsletter)

I have it on good authority …

Reddit Traffic Growth Boasts to 829 Million In December 2010

Reddit, the social news site has posted a look back comparing some of reddit’s numbers between the first month of 2010 and the last filled with traffic spikes and user engagement growth. Among the most notable: is the jump in pageviews from 250 million in January 2010 to 829 million in December 2010, a 232% …

Kevin Rose of Digg Launches Private Newslletter “Foundation”

Digg’s founder, Kevin Rose, launched a new podcast and private newsletter called “Foundation” (formerly “fforward”). Foundation is a monthly private email newsletter that features video interviews, product reviews, rants, and early access to pre-launched websites.

To get access –Foundation videos will always be free of charge and available on Revision3.com, iTunes, kevinrose.com. That …

White House Joins Digg Community

Digg has announced that the White House has joined the Digg community!

“They plan to submit the best of whitehouse.gov — everything from the latest Administration news and happenings at the White House to behind the scenes photos and video. In addition to their own content, they plan to digg and comment on …

Digg Adds Breaking News Section

Digg added a new “Breaking News” module on the right side of the Top News, My News and Upcoming pages on Digg. Right now it shows five stories at a time, with one of them being highlighted as a Hot Story.

Digg Breaking NewsDigg Breaking News

The new section will also allow Digg to …

Marissa Mayer Lists ‘Google Wave, DejaNews’ Lists As Google’s Top Mistakes, Digg Interview

Marissa Mayer, Google’s first female engineer and one of the first 20 hires, was recently interviewed on “Digg Dialogg” and asked what she considered Google’s biggest mistakes:

  1. “Google Wave. Certainly there were things that we’ve learned from that, there were things that we would have done differently.”
  2. “Shutting down DejaNews.com …

Digg Caught Gaming Its Own System, Claims It’s Just a Vulnerabilities Test

One Digg user has done some data mining using Digg’s API and found “159 dummy accounts all have fake names (such as ‘dd1’ pictured) and seem to only have contributed to submissions from Digg’s publishing partners to get stories onto the Digg front page with almost no activity from real users.” The suspicious activity began …

The Digg Social Button Refreshes

Kevin Rose, Digg founder at TC Disrupt discovered that a new “Digg This” button had just been launched both on our site and on Digg.com itself. While prettier and faster, as earlier the button opens up a pop window where you’ve to “Digg” the story.

To add the button, …

Kevin Rose: Digg v4 ‘Upcoming section’ Removed Plus Tons of Bugs Fix Coming

Just in few hrs of Digg v4 launches, user lashed out frustration hitting back by forcing all the top stories to link to Diggs competition, Reddit.com. Kevin Rose reponded, “Upcoming section, removed because it got only 0.4% of Digg’s total page views, is coming back in some form. The bury button is …

Digg Version 4 Launched “Speed, Personalization, Friends & Sharing”

Digg finally lauched the version 4 to all. Here’s what’s new: » Digg is now faster in submitting articles, loading, and Digging content » Personalization – Once you start following your trusts, a custom news homepage “My News” is build for you » Friends & sharing – You’ll notice activity from profiles you’re following highlighted …