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Windows 8 Enterprise Available to Software Assurance via VLSC; Full-page Animations Using CSS in IE10

Windows 8 Enterprise for Software Assurance through VLSCWindows 8 Enterprise for Software Assurance through VLSC

Windows 8 Enterprise is available to “Software Assurance customers via the Volume License Service Center (VLSC),” allowing you to test, pilot and begin adopting Windows 8 Enterprise within your organization.

Also, available for download is a 90-day evalution version of Windows 8 Enterprise.

For customers …

Google Fiber Premium TV Content Launches; YouTube’s Video Discovery, Watch Time Report and “The Evolution of the Web” Interactive Visualization Explained

Google Fiber Premium TV ContentGoogle Fiber Premium TV Content

Google Fiber premium TV content for TV customers now offering both Starz and Showtime as optional add-on packages.

“Gigabit + TV customers can now add 17 Starz channels for an additional $10 per month. They can also add on 11 Showtime channels for an additional $10 per month,” Google …

Windows 8 Photos App; Best Practices Adding Single Sign-on & SkyDrive Integration to Metro Style App with the Live SDK; Unprefixed CSS3 Gradients in IE10 Explained

Windows 8 Release Preview Photos App as PickerWindows 8 Release Preview Photos App as Picker

Microsoft wrapping up Windows 8 metro style apps series today details the new Photos app. “With this app, along with Metro style design principles, we set out to design an app that allows you to bring together photos from many different sources and to then view and share them,” stated Brad …

Mozilla Shows Off ‘Junior’ Prototype iPad Browser; Launches Mozilla Launches ‘Thimble’ Web-Based Code Editor and Webmaker Website

Mozilla ThimbleMozilla Thimble

Mozilla’s Product Design Strategy team quietly announced a few new projects including a Webkit browser for the iPad called “Junior.”

Calling Safari for iPad “a miserable experience,” Mozilla’s Alex Limi showed a prototype of the “Junior,” that takes a different approach from traditional browsers with no tabs, search and …

With IE10 and HTML5 Sites Loads 30% Faster in Standards Mode; Published Bubbles Demo Examining Dramatic Gains in JavaScript Execution in the Release Preview

30% better site performance in IE10 with HTML530% better site performance in IE10 with HTML5

“With IE10, our work with developers is focused on writing HTML5 & CSS3 code that works reliably in all modern browsers including Chrome, Firefox, and IE. In fact, we found that “sites in IE10 got an average of 30% better page load time when they switched to Standards Mode.” The benefit …

Chromium GPU Accelerated CSS Filters Now Available in Version 19

CSS filters are now available in the new Chromium 19. “CSS filters are a powerful, easy-to-use visual effects tool for web developers. Filters can manipulate the appearance of any HTML element and can be stacked together to create unique effects — all with a single line of CSS,” posted Stephen White, Software Engineer.

Google HTML and CSS Style Guide Now Available!

Google made its newest public style guide dubbed “Google HTML and CSS Style Guide” available for public.

“Our HTML and CSS Style Guide, just like other Google style guides, deals with a lot of formatting-related matters. It also hints at best practices so to encourage developers to go beyond indentation,” posted Jens O. …

Windows Azure Powershell Cmdlets; Visual Studio 11 Beta Improved CSS Support Demonstrated

In this video a few weeks ago on Web Camps TV, Mads Kristensen introduced Visual Studio 11 Beta’s improved CSS support and demonstrated the new tricks.

BuildNewGames.com Helping Developers Coding Web Games Using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript

BuildNewGames.com Helping Developers Coding Web Games using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScriptBuildNewGames.com Helping Developers Coding Web Games using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript

With the release of Internet Explorer 10 Platform Preview 5 for Windows 8 Consumer Preview, the web continues to evolve as the IE10 PP5 now supports 33 new HTML5 & CSS3 site-ready web standards – more than 2.5x more than IE9.

Most of these technologies are hardware …

Google+ Hangouts API Out of Preview; Introdcing Flatten CSS Imports; New Features Added to OAuth 2.0 Playground; Go 1 Open Source Programming Language Released

To help web designers, Google announced “mod_pagespeed,” which now supports the new “flatten_css_imports” feature, which automatically optimized the same web page by flattening the imported CSS files into their parent — thus eliminating the use of @import, which costs an additional HTTP request, serial round-trip between browser and server, since the browser does not …

Now Access Android Developer Console Using Own Google Account; Latest Stable Chrome Brings Improvements to both Canvas2D and WebGL

Google made it easier to work together on analyzing and managing your published Android apps using Android Developer Console — now everyone can use his or her own Google account rather than sharing passwords as previously.

“The account that you use today to sign into the Android Developer Console will become the account …

The Hunger Games Movie with Groundbreaking New IE9 Site Launches

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer team and Lionsgate, launched a “game-changing” Web experience that pulls visitors into the world of The Hunger Games from the moment they step off their train in the Capitol city.

The site, powered by HTML5 and CSS3, is animated, colorful and true to the style of the movie and the …

Using CSS3 Media Queries to Build Mobile Web Applications and More [Video Webcasts]

In this “Simplification of the Visual Studio 11 Development Environment” episode, Sam Zaiss and Dan Dole of the Visual Studio User Experience team talk about simplification and reduction in the Visual Studio 11 development environment. They show how much easier it is to navigate both within code and within the IDE, and also …

Microsoft Help Resources 3/12: Deploying FAST Search Server 2010 for SharePoint; ALM Quick Reference Guide BETA

Windows Azure PowerShell Cmdlets v2.2.2 release today make getting started and scripting with the cmdlets a much easier task. “In 2.2.2 we have added a start menu link that starts a PowerShell session with the Windows Azure cmdlets already loaded. We have also added a Start Here link that shows how to complete the setup …

TechNet Goes Metro; HTML5 Love is in the Air! IE10 Demo; HTML5 vs Flash Infographic

Microsoft recently gave its TechNet center a new metro design. “Over the past twenty four hours we’ve been in release mode for TechNet and as you can see, the changes are striking. Be sure to checkout the layout, MegaBlade navigation, and other features,” posted Microsoft.

Microsoft TechNet Gets Metro UIMicrosoft TechNet Gets Metro UI

Also, …