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Samsung Series 5 550 Chromebook, Chromebox, Chrome OS, Web Store UI Update, Robust Apps Announced

Google in a exciting developments around Chromebooks announced — new hardware, a major software update and more robust apps. “For businesses and schools, we’re introducing zero-touch deployment, more affordable desktop virtualization, and a simplified pricing model,” posted Glenn Wilson, Product Manager, Chrome for Business.

Samsung has announced a new faster and portable Chromebook …

Chrome 16 and Chrome OS ‘Share & Access Printers, Save to Google Docs,’ and More

Chrome 16 and Chrome OS: Share & Access Printers, Save to Google Docs, and Print Any Page to Google Cloud Print

Google Introduces New Chromebook Payment Option with Existing 3-year Subscription Model

ChromeBooks was unveiled at the 2011 Google I/O on May 11, and was made available to Businesses and Shools on June 15, are currently manufactured by Samsung and Acer.

The Chromebook is available in 6 other countries along with the United States.

In order to help customer …

Chrome Extensions Gets Text-to-speech (TTs) APIs

Google Chrome now includes a Text-to-Speech (TTS) API that’s simple to use, powerful, and flexible for users, revealed Dominic Mazzoni, Software Engineer. In fact, the “API is powerful enough that ChromeVox, the Chrome OS screen reader for visually impaired users, is built using this API,” he said.

Mazzoni explains, “If a user doesn’t …

BUILD: Windows Server 8 Session Video

This BUILD session will introduce the next release of Windows Server, code-named Windows Server 8.

In the video, Microsoft talk about the engineering investments the company has done in this release along with their benefits.

“We will also point out opportunities for developers and hardware partners to expand on the new …

Windows Azure: Securing Service Bus with ACS – Service Bus Topics And Queues

Windows Azure: Authorization for Service Bus using the Access Control Services – In this talk Clemens will discuss how to secure your Service Bus applications using ACS.

Windows Azure Service Bus Topics and Queues – Patterns, Recipes, and Guidance: In this talk Clemens will discuss various patterns of usage …

BUILD: Inside Windows Azure Cloud Operating System [Video]

Below is a great BUILD session hosted by Mark Russinovich which gives you the internals of Windows Azure OS.

Mark Russinovich goes under the hood of Microsoft’s new cloud OS . Intended for developers that have already gotten their hands dirty with Windows Azure and understand its basic concepts, this session gives an …

BUILD: Microsoft Delivers Developer Platforms and Tools to Enable Cloud-based Experiences Across Devices

At Day 2, of Microsoft’s BUILD conference, Satya Nadella, President Server and Tools Business, announced advancements in several Microsoft technologies, including developer previews of Visual Studio 11, Team Foundation Service (TFS) delivered on the Windows Azure platform and code-named “Windows Server 8,” as well as new capabilities on the Windows Azure …

Gartner: Windows 7 will be on 42% PCs Worldwide by Year-end; 94% New PCs will Ship with Windows 7

According to latest forecast by Gartner Inc. “Forecast Analysis: PC OS Market, Worldwide, 2008-2015, 2011 Update”, “By the end of 2011, 42 percent of PCs in use worldwide will be running Windows 7.” And, also, that “94 percent of new PCs will ship with Windows 7 installed this year, analysts said on August 9.”

A Quick Look at Chromebook Security Features [Plus Videos]

Chromebooks take Chrome and its core values (simplicity, speed and security) and apply them to its own operating system infrastructure. The result is a multi-layered set of defenses which boosts the security of Chromebooks against malicious software that could compromise and linger on the system.

Let’s take a quick …

“Boot to Gecko” (B2G) Mozilla’s Open Source Web Operating System

Straight from the heart of Mozilla’s developer newsgroup comes news of an ambitious new project: a standalone, web-based operating system called “Boot to Gecko”.

According to Dr. Andreas Gal, researcher at Mozilla, the impetus behind the “Boot to Gecko” project is to “make open web technologies a better basis for future applications on …

Chromebook to Get Intel Core i Series Processor, Phasing Out ‘Atom N570’

The first Chrome OS powered laptops available from manufacturer like Samsung and Acer. However, houses low powered Intel Atom-based processors. This is all going to change, as the future versions of the Chomebooks will be using Intel’s higher end Core series of processors.

According to report, “Google plans to upgrade the Chromebook design …

Is BizTalk Dead? No. But, Product Named BizTalk Server Likely Won’t Available in 5-10 Years, Microsoft MVP

BizTalk, Microsoft’s enterprise integration and messaging server, used to be on a fairly well-defined path. According to Microsoft, there are more than 10,000 BizTalk Server customers out there, using the product to integrate Microsoft’s business processes with those from other vendors including IBM, Oracle, Siebel, SAP, JD Edwards, etc.

This week, at Microsoft’s …

ServiceOS: Microsoft’s Cloud Play, Post-Windows 8

The Researchers at Microsoft have been exploring a browser operating system dubbed “ServiceOS,” which’s the evolution of Microsoft Research projects such as “Gazelle” and “MashupOS”.

At TechFest 2011, according to the abstract, the researchers demonstrated a MinWin-based ServiceOS prototype. They showed how traditional applications, like Microsoft Word, can run on ServiceOS and how …

CA ARCserve Backup and Recovery Solution Using Windows Azure Coming Soon!

CA Technologies announced that its industry-leading CA ARCserve Backup and Recovery technology will be available to customers as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering based on the Windows Azure platform.

The new cloud offering, scheduled for availability in the second half of this year, is part of CA Technologies strategy for bringing rapidly deployable, easy-to-own …