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JavaScript to Dart Synonym App Bridges the Gap between the two World

Dart Structured Web Programming LanugageDart Structured Web Programming LanugageIn order to bridge the Dart and JavaScript worlds, Google Chrominum team made available the “JavaScript to Dart Synonym app” that maps between JavaScript and Dart eases your introduction to Dart and gives you a sense of where the project is going.

“We started with the basics that every JavaScript and …

One Chromebook Each for Nearly 27,000 Students; Chrome OS Beta 17.0.963.44 Update Released

Google updated the Beta channel to 17.0.963.44 (Platform versions: 1412.142) for Chromebooks (Samsung Series 5 , and Cr-48) that in addition to a number of stability and UI issues fixes also introduces:

Chromebooks for SchoolsChromebooks for Schools

  • Enables recurring billing as the default for pre-paid monthly plans
  • Greatly …

70 Percent of Android Devices Sold in the U.S. are Now Under Microsoft’s Android Patent Portfolio Coverage

Microsoft and LG Signs Android PatentMicrosoft and LG Signs Android PatentMicrosoft announced that LG Electronics have signed a Android patent agreement that covers LG’s tablets, mobile phones and other consumer devices running the Android or Chrome OS Platform, Microsoft announced Thursday.

Microsoft’s Android license patents claims Google’s mobile operating system infringes on its intellectual property.

“We are pleased to …

Chrome 16 and Chrome OS ‘Share & Access Printers, Save to Google Docs,’ and More

Chrome 16 and Chrome OS: Share & Access Printers, Save to Google Docs, and Print Any Page to Google Cloud Print

New Holiday Episode Added to Angry Birds on Chrome; Androidify with New Winter Gear; Games, Chrome Apps Come to Native Client

Angry Birds on chrome: New Holiday EpisodeAngry Birds on chrome: New Holiday EpisodeGoogle Chrome and Angry Birds team together added some new episode with 42 exciting levels of Angry Birds. And if you are handy with the slingshot, you’ll also be “able to find a few new hidden Chrome dimension levels,” reveale Google.

In addition, you can check out the …

Chromebooks: Introducing New UI, Black Wi-Fi Samsung Chromebook Series 5 – Chrome Dev Channel Adds New Garbage Collector (GC)

Just in time for holiday season, the Chrome team packed in a few goodies into Chromebooks:

The team has given a facelift to the Chromebook, for example, right after booting it up you will notice the Chromebook now sports a fresh, clean login experience.

And, the revamped “New Tab” page make …

Google+ Integrate with YouTube and Chrome – Two New Google+ Chrome Extensions and New Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer Launched

Google just launched two new features to its social networking project Google+ that integrate with Google Plus with two more Google products: YouTube and Chrome.

Google added a YouTube “slider” in the Google+ stream. “We’ll start playing a list of related videos in a new pop-up window, and if you move …

Google Donates 600 Chromebooks Through ‘Chrome for Wounded, Ill and Injured Warriors’ Program

American Red Cross: LogoAmerican Red Cross: LogoGoogle in partnership with the American Red Cross Service to the Armed Forces, launched the “Chrome for Wounded, Ill and Injured Warriors” program. Through, the program, Google has donated 600 Chromebooks to the Red Cross for exclusive use by wounded, ill and injured warriors during their recovery at five polytrauma centers, announced Google. …

Microsoft Signed Tenth Android License Agreement with Compal Electronics, Covering Android and Chrome Based Devices

Microsoft and Compal Electronics announced of having signed a Android patent agreement that provides broad coverage under Microsoft’s patent portfolio for Compal’s tablets, mobile phones, e-readers and other consumer devices running the Android or Chrome Platform.

Today’s agreement with Compal, is one of the world’s largest Original Design Manufacturers, or ODM. …

Google Introduces New Chromebook Payment Option with Existing 3-year Subscription Model

ChromeBooks was unveiled at the 2011 Google I/O on May 11, and was made available to Businesses and Shools on June 15, are currently manufactured by Samsung and Acer.

The Chromebook is available in 6 other countries along with the United States.

In order to help customer …

WebGL Bookcase: An Infinite 3D Helix By Google Books

Google designed a new digital bookcase an “infinite 3D helix,” that you can spin side-to-side and up and down with your mouse, revealed Google Research team.

It holds 3D models of more than 10,000 titles from Google Books.

The team explains, “The books are organized into 28 subjects. To choose a …

Chrome Extensions Gets Text-to-speech (TTs) APIs

Google Chrome now includes a Text-to-Speech (TTS) API that’s simple to use, powerful, and flexible for users, revealed Dominic Mazzoni, Software Engineer. In fact, the “API is powerful enough that ChromeVox, the Chrome OS screen reader for visually impaired users, is built using this API,” he said.

Mazzoni explains, “If a user doesn’t …

Quanta Computer ODM of ‘Playbook and Kindle Fire’ Join Microsoft Android Royality Club

Microsoft announced that Quanta Computer Inc. have signed a patent agreement that provides broad coverage under Microsoft’s patent portfolio for Quanta’s tablets, smartphones and other consumer devices running the Android or Chrome Platform.

“We are pleased to have reached this agreement with Quanta, and proud of the continued success of our Android licensing …

Chrome Remote Desktop BETA Allow Remotely Access Computer Through Chrome Browser or a Chromebook

Chrome Remote Desktop beta is a free extension for Google Chrome that lets you remotely control a computer through the Chrome browser or a Chromebook.

Using the technology code-named “chromoting” this software is especially useful if you have a Chromebook.

“The goal of this beta release is to demonstrate the core …

Hands-on A Chromebook At PC World / Currys Superstore In London

This week in London, Google opened company’s first Chromebook experience inside a retail store.

The brand new Chrome Zone is located inside the PC World / Currys superstore on Tottenham Court Road.

Spend time with a Chromebook, discover cool web apps and chat with Google Chrome specialists.