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Google+ Mobile App Gets ‘Low-Bandwidth Hangouts, Full-Size Photo Backups, Better Event’ and More

Google+ app for Androidversion 3.3and iOS v4.0, lands with Google s social network a “big” end-of-year update, with 18 new features including photos, mobile, Hangouts and Events, aiming to make sharing and communicating easier.

Google added a new batch of Android features, including “on-the-go profile editing, an easier way to author content, and …

Windows Phone Dev Center with In-app Purchasing Debuts, An Evolution of Retired App Hub Developer Portal

Following last week’s, Microsoft scheduled weekend maintenance of the Windows Phone developer portal, App Hub — the company today deubuted a new online home for Windows Phone developers dubbed “Windows Phone Dev Center.”

The new Dev Center site, is an evolution of retired App Hub developer portal, and was redesigned from the ground …

Windows Phone 8 Marketplace 180 Countries, In-app Purchase, Company Hub, More Robust and Scalable

Microsoft at TechEd Europe this week detailed its plans for the new Windows Phone 8 Marketplace, including the list of new markets and new money-making opportunities that Windows Phone 8 makes possible.

In a blog post Todd Brix notes, that with Windows Phone 8 “consumers will be able to browse and download apps …

Improved Windows Phone Traffic Coverage; App Publishing Times Decline, New Phone Unlock Option; Microsoft Holding a Mysterious Media Event on June 18

Microsoft has sent out invitation to a June 18 event with a tag line stating, “This will be a major Microsoft announcement – you will not want to miss it.”

“You are invited to an exclusive Microsoft media event in Los Angeles, California on Monday, June 18th. Doors open at 3:30 PM,” reads …

Microsoft Talks About Slowdowns in the App Approval and Publishing Process on Windows Phone Marketplace

Windows Phone Marketplace has been growing fast lately, but the approval process for new applications has become slow in the meantime, to this end the company is now offering some information on the matter on its Windows Phone Developer blog.

“Over the last several weeks some of you have reported slowdowns or delays …

New Smoked by Windows Phone Ads Live Now! – App Hub Accepting Submissions in 23 New Markets

New Somked by Windows Phone Ads LaunchesNew Somked by Windows Phone Ads LaunchesMicrosoft’s “Smoked by Windows Phone” campaign has started to pick up steam, as the company has released a new series of video ads to the web to show more on what its Windows Phone can do when compared to other platforms out there.

The campaign started at CES with Microsoft’s Ben …

Windows Phone Marketplace Now in ‘Argentina, Indonesia, Malaysia, Peru, Philippines’ – Microsoft Gave 20 Free Windows Phones to #DroidRage Users

Windows Phone Marketplace for apps and games is now officially opening for business in 5 new markets around the world including: “Argentina, Indonesia, Malaysia, Peru, and the Philippines.”

Windows Phone Marketplace Expands to 5 new International MarketsWindows Phone Marketplace Expands to 5 new International Markets

If you’re a developer and want to make sure your app lands in one of these new stores, “just log into …

Windows Phone 7: 30 to Launch Windows Phone App Competition; Beginner’s Guide to Pick a Smartphone; Memory Profiling for WP App Performance

Windows Phone 30 to Launch ChallengeWindows Phone 30 to Launch ChallengeMicrosoft Windows Phone is setting the new cool for mobile computing “Your path to a Windows Phone app in 30 days” challenge. The 30 to Launch competition is on January 31, 2012 – February 29, 2012.

There will be an opportunity to register for App Hub for free in week 2 …

Windows Phone Mango Commercial Release 2 – Windows Phone Marketplace Now in 6 New Markets

Windows Phone 7 Mango Commercial Release 2Windows Phone 7 Mango Commercial Release 2Microsoft announced an update to App Hub that brings new markets for Windows Phone developers, who can now distribute apps and games to even more customers in more markets.

“App Hub now alows you to submit apps for distribution in 6 new markets; “Argentina, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Peru and the Philippines.” …

ChevronWP7 Hits 10,000 Token Sales, Microsoft Set to Quash Homebrew on Windows Phone

Microsoft is set to cut off the Windows Phone homebrewers by stopping the distribution of the ChevronWP7 unlocking tool, according to reports making the rounds over the holiday weekend.

ChevronWP7 Labs hits 10,000 token salesChevronWP7 Labs hits 10,000 token sales

In a tweet, over this past weekend, Rivera said that the “ChevronWP7 Labs enters the New Year with 10,000 token …

ChevronWP7 Labs ‘Unlocking’ Your Windows Phones ‘Officially’

ChevronWP7ChevronWP7ChevronWP7 team has signed off on their “ChevronWP7 Labs” official unlocking service for Windows Phone. The unlocking tool — developed with Microsoft’s blessing and help — is aimed primarily at homebrewers interested in developing Windows apps.

“We believe Windows Phone development should be accessible to anyone. We are providing a Windows …

“Your App Here” Windows Phone Advertising Campaign Launches in the U.S.

Are you a Windows Phone developer — Wondering “how can Microsoft help me promote my app?” Microsoft just for you only launched a new program called [Your App Here].

Windows Phone logoWindows Phone logo“The goal is to highlight great applications and give them a chance to shine. The program is available to developers in the …

Windows Phone Marketplace Now in China & India; Improves Search, 7.0 & 7.5 App Update Options, Fewer Keywords, Better Shopping

Windows Phone Marketplace and App Hub today received some new features and enhancements:

Fist of all, the Marketplace is now available in China & Indiab, enabling developers in China registering via App Hub and begin submitting apps for availability in any of supported Marketplace countries (sorry, not including China at this time). And, …

Download Windows Phone Software Development Kit (SDK) 7.1 RTW

Right after rolling out Windwos Phone 7.5 “Mango” update, Microsoft made available the RTW of Windows Phone SDK 7.1 on the Microsoft Download Center for download.

The RTW release features seven new languages, and is now available in 9 languages (English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Spanish, and Traditional …

Windows Phone 7.5 “Mango” Build 7720 ‘People-Centric’ Officially Released

Windows Phone 7.5 “Mango” 7720 update is officially released today by Microsoft for most users. Updates to Windows Phone devices should be rolling out across carriers and devices worldwide in the coming days.

It’s here!

Windows Phone 7.5 (“Mango”) is available to install on some phones now. Look …