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Microsoft Settles 3,265 Software Piracy Cases, Launches InRelease for Visual Studio 2013 Preview

Microsoft CityNext empowering urban communities and businesses to find new ways to overcome challenges and reach goals. Settles 3,265 software piracy cases in US and abroad. InRelease for Visual Studio 2013 Preview.

Windows Store Begin Accepting Adult Games

Windows Store Begin Accepting Adult Games; Visual Studio Achievements for Windows 8 Apps Released; Sharing In-app Explained; Microsoft on Windows 8 Piracy

Atari, Pulse Optimized for IE10; Windows Phone Toolkit for WP8; Performance Tips To Make HTML5 Apps & Sites Faster; WMC Freebe Turns Pirated Windows 8 in to the Legitimate

A team behind Internet Explorer 10–notes on its blog today, that the popular sites Pulse, Atari Arcade, along with Contre Jour have just been optimized for both the Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8.

“So whether you are using a new Windows 8 device, a Windows Phone 8 or you are one of …

DCMS: Google Dragging of its Feet to Derank “Piracy” Websites; Panda Update 21 Impacts 1.1% of English Queries in U.S.

Google rolls out Panda Algorithm Update 21Google rolls out Panda Algorithm Update 21

Google rolled out worldwide, the Panda update that “will impact about 0.4% of queries that a regular user might notice.

For those searching in the United States in English, the percentage is higher. 1.1%,” Google said.

In other news, the Department of Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) …

Windows 8 OEM Activation Requirements Changes to Curb Piracy

Microsoft to change Windows 8 OEM Activation PolicyMicrosoft to change Windows 8 OEM Activation Policy

With RTM of Windows 8 announced and the leakathon continue, according to report, Microsoft is looking to close “loopholes” in the current activation requirements since its debut with WindowsXP — in an effort to reduce piracy rates with the upcoming October 26 release of Windows 8.

This new policy …

Google’s Hybrid Approach to Research, Publishes Online Copyright Ingringement Report

Google started as a research project–and research has remained a core part of the companies culture till date. Peter Norvig, Director of Research, Slav Petrov, Senior Research Scientist and Alfred Spector, vp of research and special initiatives, recenlty published a paper, “Google’s Hybrid Approach to Research” to shed more light on Google’s approach to research. …

Google Notified 500Million DNSChanger Infected Users; RIAA “Clear Facts” About Google Transparency Report; Post SPYW Google Traffic to Facebook Pages Dropped

On May 23, last week, Google began notifying users on Google.com as when the company detected that a users’ computers or routers were infected with malware called “DNSChanger”–and directed them to the tools they needed to clean their computer and ensure connectivity.

Today, Google said that they have “so far already …

China Sentenced 7 Years Imprisonment to Shang Yajun for Selling Counterfeit Softwares

Chinese gov sentenced seven years in imrpiosnm against intellectual property crime, penalizing counterfeiter Shang Yajun for copyright infringement and sale of illegally manufactured registered trademarksChinese gov sentenced seven years in imrpiosnm against intellectual property crime, penalizing counterfeiter Shang Yajun for copyright infringement and sale of illegally manufactured registered trademarks

The 1st Intermediate People’s Court of Beijing, China upheld the Haidian District Court’s decision that sentenced counterfeiter Shang Yajun to seven years and six months imprisonment, for copyright infringement and the sale of illegally manufactured registered trademarks, representing the longest-ever criminal sentence in China for selling and distributing counterfeit software products. …

Piracy Lurks Everywhere: Microsoft Launches Global Anti-Piracy Campaign

Microsoft’s Anti-Piracy team this week launched a global campaign “Piracy Lurks Everywhere” informing small businesses about the risk of counterfeit software when acquiring or downloading software from the Internet.

“In a test of software acquired through common channels, The Harrison Group found in August 2011 that 24% of machines that run …

Montblanc Files Complaint Against Google UK, Sues AdWords Advertisers for Selling Counterfeit Goods; EPIC Sues FTC Over Google’s Privacy Policy; RIAA Accuses Google ‘Misused Its Power’ by Protesting SOPA

Montblanc, the Germany-based maker of “writing instruments”, watches, jewelry and etc., is takes Google to court to obtain the identity of counterfeit goods seller(s) through its AdWords search advertising.

Montblanc Sue Couterfeit AdWords AdvertisersMontblanc Sue Couterfeit AdWords Advertisers

In the complaint, Montblanc asserts that the sale of counterfeit goods through AdWords, bearing the “montblanc” trademarks, has caused it …

Megaupload Forefeited Vehicles Include ‘Rolls-Royce Phantom, Cadillac, Lamborghini, Mercs’

The United States Department of Justice, seized and shut down the massively popular file sharing and hosting site “MegaUpload” and following the indictment, the Organised and Financial Crime Agency of New Zealand arrested MegaUpload founder Kim Schmitz (Kim Dotcom), CMO Finn Batato, co-founder and CTO Mathias Ortmann and others.

Megauload Founder Kim Schmitz's estated and mansionMegauload Founder Kim Schmitz's estated and mansion

SOPA: Online Piracy Bill Shelved Until ‘Consensus’ Is Found

SOPA ShelvedSOPA ShelvedWhether or not, websites should black out against Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), the internet community can finally relax now as the highly controversial SOPA bill was shelved by the U.S. congress, putting off action on the bill indefinitely, reports The Hill.

The announcement came just hours after Judiciary Chairman Lamar …

Microsoft Sues Comet for Selling 94,000 Sets of Counterfeit Windows Vista and XP

Pirated Windows VistaPirated Windows VistaMicrosoft’s David Finn, associate general counsel, Worldwide Anti-Piracy and Anti-Counterfeiting at Microsoft today issued proceedings against Comet Group PLC for allegedly creating and selling more than 94,000 sets of counterfeit Windows Vista and Windows XP recovery CDs.

“As detailed in the complaint filed today, Comet produced and sold thousands of counterfeit …

Baidu Off the USTR’s 301 Out-of-Cycle Review “Notorious Markets” Black List

United States Trade Representative (USTR)United States Trade Representative (USTR)The United States has removed Baidu Inc, China’s largest search engine, from its list of notorious markets for piracy in a nod to the firm’s efforts to clean up its music offerings.

In February of this year the US trade authority named Baidu one of the world’s “notorious markets” because facilitating …

Microsoft Play Fair Day Spotlights Manufacturing Companies in BRIC Suffer Over $1.6B in Competitive Disadvantage Due to Software Theft

In support of Play Fair Day, a global initiative to emphasize the importance of using legitimate software, Microsoft released its findings of a study that tackles the financial impact using illegal software has on the competitive landscape within developing countries.

As part of a study to examine the broader economic …