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Acer RevoCenter RC110\RC111 Windows Home Server 2011 Based Server Ready to Hit Markets

Acer just announced one of the first hardware boxes for Windows Home Server 2011. “The new Acer RevoCenter RC110/RC111 can store all of your digital treasures and share them with family and friends!,” revealed Windows Home Server blog

This compact-yet-powerful storage device features a hardworking processor and …

4 Percent Windows Phone 7 Users Running “Mango”, Samsung Focus Most Popular WP – Infographic

An infographic shows that the most popular Windows Phone 7 handset so far is the Samsung Focus, followed by the HTC HD7.

Another interesting tidbit is that 4 percent of users are already on Windows Phone “Mango”.

The study also look at the future of Windows Phone 7, and with seven …

Microsoft Exec: ‘Mango’ Windows Phone 7 Is Done, Now Manufacturers Need To Release It

Today, Peter Wissinger, Microsoft’s director of Mobile Business in the Nordic countries, released an official statement via Twitter on the “Mango” Windows Phone 7 status in Swedish:

Here is the translated bit:

“Now it’s up to our manufacturing partners to release Mango to our customers. Microsoft …

A Few Useful Tips for Latest Google Chrome Dev Channel for Desktop and Chromebooks

On August 4, we reported the release of the Chrome 14.0.835.19 (Platform version: 811.18) on the Dev Channel for Samsung Series 5 and Cr-48 Chromebooks. The new release in additon to ‘More panel size fixes, Print improvements, Fix problem with sad tab page resource loading, Fixed the size of take photo dialog’ also …

A Quick Look at Chromebook Security Features [Plus Videos]

Chromebooks take Chrome and its core values (simplicity, speed and security) and apply them to its own operating system infrastructure. The result is a multi-layered set of defenses which boosts the security of Chromebooks against malicious software that could compromise and linger on the system.

Let’s take a quick …

Series of “Mango” Windows Phone 7.5 Smartphones Landing in September to Compete iPhone 5

Hot on the heels of Microsoft Windows Phone 7 “Mango”, today, citing unnamed industry sources, Digitimes is reporting that the Fujitsu-Toshiba IS12T will actually be just one of many Windows Phone 7.5 devices to arrive in September, with new handsets from HTC, LG, Acer, Huawei, ZTE and Samsung all going up against Apple’s new iPhone …

“Mango” Windows Phone 7 Build 7710 RTM’d: Windows Phone Dev Podcast

According to the latest Windows Phone Dev Podcast, week ending July 21, “the latest version of the Windows Phone OS, code named “Mango” has been released to manufacturing, and is being sent out to carriers and OEMs to begin their (sometimes long and arduous) testing process,” blogged Lowdermilks.

“While the current dev version …

Tablets Global Market Share: Android 30%, iOS 61%, and Windows 7 4.6%, Strategy Analytics Report

Boston-based research firm Strategy Analytics, reports that global tablet shipments reached 15.1 million units in the second quarter of 2011. Apple maintained first position with 61.3% share, drifting from 94% a year earlier.

At the same time, Android tablets have gone from 2.9% market share in June 2010 to 30.1% in June 2011, …

Chromebook to Get Intel Core i Series Processor, Phasing Out ‘Atom N570’

The first Chrome OS powered laptops available from manufacturer like Samsung and Acer. However, houses low powered Intel Atom-based processors. This is all going to change, as the future versions of the Chomebooks will be using Intel’s higher end Core series of processors.

According to report, “Google plans to upgrade the Chromebook design …

WPC11: Microsoft Demoed “Mango” Windows 7 Phone Devices from Samsung, Fujitsu, ZTE and Acer

On Day 2 at Worldwide Partner Conference 2011 in Los Angeles, Microsoft’s Steve Guggenheimer, cvp, Original Equipment Manufacturer Division demonstrated a few new Windows Phone “Mango” devices coming from manufacturers such as Samsung, Fujitsu, ZTE, and Acer.

From the video below, it is speculated that the new very “thin and light” Samsung device …

HTC Eternity Windows Phone ‘Mango’ Smartphone with ‘1.5GHz Processor, Front-facing Camera’ Coming Soon!

After Acer W4, another device is lined up for Windows Phone “Mango” release – the HTC Eternity.

German website HTCInside leaked the details and images of the new device earlier today, claiming that this device will come with Windows Phone “Mango” installed, due to be available later this year.

Chromebooks for Businesses & Schools Now Available for Sale from Amazon

At the 2011 Google I/O, Chromebooks was launched. Chromebooks from Samsung and Acer Chromebooks were built and optimized for the web to give you a faster, simpler and more secure experience without the headaches of traditional computers.

“In the U.S., you can now order a Chromebook …

Computex 2011: Windows Home Server 2011 Powered Acer RevoCenter Announced

Acer at the Computex 2011, announced the new Acer RevoCenter powered by Windows Home Server 2011.

You can use the RevoCenter to store all of your digital treasures and share them with family and friends!

This compact-yet-powerful storage device features a hardworking processor and hot-swappable Serial ATA …

Acer MeeGo Tablet Iconia M500, and “Mango” Phone Acer W4′ Deomed at Computex 2011

At the Computex trade show in Taipei, Acer this week has shown off its scattershot approach to covering the mobile device market, which’ll include, among other things, a 10-inch tablet running Intel’s MeeGo operating system, and a Snapdragon-powered smartphone running Windows Phone 7 “Mango.”

Mango Phone- Acer W4

Microsoft Computex Booth Tour – Over 100 Windows Devices Shown [Video]

Microsoft is making a big stand, at the Computex 2011 trade show in Taipei, showcasing more than 130 new Windows-based devices to consumers and companies brought to market by more than 50 of its hardware partners.

“Nearly 100 of them at Microsoft’s booth includes: either newly available or soon-to-be-released, ranging from ultraportable thin …