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Sync two Windows Home Servers using Microsoft SyncToy

So, you’ve two Windows Home Servers that you want to keep the files on the folder shares synchronized (i.e. mirrored). This article walls you through Microsoft SyncToy 2.0.

  1. Download the SyncToy 2.0 installer onto one of your Windows Home Servers.
  2. Remote into your WHS. You are installing the software from the desktop of your server, not from a client PC.
  3. Run the installer and you will see a dialog asking permission to install Microsoft Sync Framework. SyncToy (the application) uses this framework to do it’s stuff.
  4. After the framework installs, SyncToy the application will be installed.
  5. Just keep clicking Next 4-5 screen accepting the defaults. The app will then install and you click Close.
  6. With SyncToy installed, we will now setup the folder pairs that you want synchronized. A “folder pair” is just that: a pair of folders (one on the “left” and one on the “right”) that you want to keep in sync.
  7. Click Start, All Programs and the on SyncToy 2.0 
  8. When SyncToy first runs there are no pairs setup, so click on Create New Folder Pair
  9. In my case, I am syncing data between my current server named HOMESERVER and the new one named SERVER. Clever names, huh? My goal is to have the server reflect any changes and/or new files that are on homeserver. Essentially server will become a mirror of homeserver.
  10. With that in mind, we will start with the Photos share. On the left, I type \\Homeserver\Photos and on the right \\Server\Photos and click Next
  11. Next I select Echo as the type of synchronization and click Next. Echo will keep the right computer looking just like the one on the left. 
  12. Give some nice name to your pair, and click Finish

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