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Surface Content Migrated to Microsoft Windows Desktop Developer Center

Just before this weekend, Microsoft announced some upcoming updates to its Windows Desktop Developer Center and to the forums on the way along with a new Facebook page that is “hopefully” coming next week.

Following the launch of the Microsoft Surface 2.0 software development kit (SDK) and Runtime about a month ago on July 12, the Redmond software company has now transitioned some of the developer content associated with the product to the Windows Desktop Developer Center.

“We have migrated some of the Surface content into the Windows Desktop developer center. This has largely been in part because the new Surface 2.0 SDK lets you target Windows 7. In other words, you can make apps using the Surface SDK, compile them for Windows, then run them on Windows. This is a big deal because the Surface 2.0 SDK ships with some killer multitouch controls that can be used for building some very engaging applications,” revealed the Content Project Manager for the Windows Developer center.

“We have been working on making some updates to the Windows Desktop forums that will make it easier to link to and find the right forum for developer solutions. Put concisely, we’ll be closing some of the forums and then moving all of the forums to a single category.”

“Our belief is that having fewer forums and ensuring that we have relevant forums to what developers are interested in doing will be helpful for developers to more accurately and quickly get a solution. As an aside, we do support the forums,” the Content Project Manager for the center added

More Info: Windows Desktop developer center

[Via: Windows Developer Education Blog]

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