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Support Debugging Tool Build 16 for Microsoft Dynamics GP Released

The latest build 16 of the “Support Debugging Tool” for Microsoft Dynamics GP has now finally been released. According to David Musgrave, it took four months of development, testing and documentation. This build has over 50 changes and focuses on functionality for logging and debugging issues with Microsoft Dynamics GP, while still having some improvements for the database or application Administrator.”

Adding he said “a quick hint about how much is included in this build is that the User Guide PDF has grown from 161 pages to 193 pages.”

support debugging tool for microsoft dynamics gp

“The Support Debugging Tool is a Dexterity built application which contains a collection of utilities and tools to make the task of supporting, developing and debugging Microsoft Dynamics GP easier and faster,” Microsoft stated.

“The tool currently contains two modes of operation; Standard Mode and Advanced Mode. Advanced Mode features require system administrator or database owner (dbo) privileges and require expertise in Dexterity and/or SQL Server administration.”

“Standard Mode includes the following features; Manual Logging Mode, Individual Logging Mode, Dex.ini Settings, Resource Information, Security Profiler, Security Information, Configuration Export/Import , ScreenShot and Send Email,” the software company said.

Advanced Mode features include; Automatic Debugger Mode, Dictionary Control, XML Table Export, XML Table Import, Runtime Execute, SQL Execute, Configuration Maintenance, Administrator Settings and Dex.ini Configuration.


  • Added Macro Recording Facility to Individual Logging, Manual Logging Mode and Automatic Debugger Mode.
  • Added check for MouseWheel=FALSE on version 10.0 and disable Macro Recording if Mouse Scroll Wheel not disabled.
  • Added SQL Profile Tracing Facility to Individual Logging, Manual Logging Mode and Automatic Debugger Mode.
  • Add features to Administrator Settings to configure, create and remove SQL Profile Tracing SQL Components.
  • Added Support for SQL Profile Tracing to specify Maximum Trace File Size and Maximum Number of Trace Files.
  • Added Version Control Checking for SQL Profile Tracing Stored Procedures to ensure SQL Tracing is only enabled when latest stored procedures are installed.
  • Added Check for SQL version to ensure that SQL Profile Tracing Events not compatible with SQL Server 2005 are excluded from the stored Procedures.
  • Added SQL Profile Trace SQL Components and permissions cleanup into un-install feature.
  • Added Detection and cleanup of stranded SQL Profile Traces on login.
  • Added SQL Profile Trace List window to display active traces and allow for stopping of stranded traces.
  • Added Trigger Administration Window for quick changes to delete, enable/disable or change start mode of triggers.
  • Added by User, by Database and by Role SQL Server Roles Views to right hand pane of Security Information Window.

Downloads the Support Debugging Tool from the PartnerSource:

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