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Stride Fully Customizable Gesture Unlock System for jailbroken iPhone and iPod touch

Apple App Store developer Adam Bell recently released a new tweak for jailbroken iPhones called “Stride,” that replaces iPhone or iPod touch’s slide-to-unlock and passcode input screen with a fully customizable gesture unlock system.

“Unlocking your iOS Device just got a whole lot cooler.

Never again do you need to worry about entering some lengthy password, or are limited to 9 points on a grid. With Stride, you unlock with gestures, and custom made gestures at that!

Simply draw your password. That’s it.

Even though Stride is pretty secure on it’s own, for best effect you should set a PIN/Passcode as it makes things extra secure, and a lot nicer too!,” posted Bell.

Stride for jailbreak iPhone and iPod touch

Feature include:

  • Now supports IntelliscreenX, LockInfo, and CleverPIN
  • Speed enhancements, be sure to enable/disable Multi-shape password if your password is more than one line!
  • Added the option to hide the passcode override button and skip the slide to unlock screen (use at own risk!)

In the promotional video below, you can see that rather limiting you by a 9-point field like in Android or by having to draw a “specified pattern” on top of an image, you can practically draw any shape, letter, gesture, or even you can even use a signature.

The gesture entry into your iPhone and iPod touch is built to act as a replacement for a PIN code, which appears after you “slide to unlock,” but the tweak is developed with two layers of security in mind.

“The PIN unlock will appear after you draw your gesture, and is completely optional for those who just want to rely on the gesture unlock. Skipping PIN entry is an easy-to-access option in Stride’s preferences.”

Additionally, there is a button to skip the gesture unlock and enter your PIN code when you suddenly find yourself unable to remember your gesture.

Stride cost costs $2.99 and is available here.

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