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Star wars: Force Unleashed unleashing in November

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed was announced by LucasArts and Activision a couple of days ago, at which point we knew absolutely nothing of the game’s release date, platforms or developer. What a difference a day makes. We now know that the game is due out on ‘next-gen’ consoles, as well as the PSP, PS2 and DS. The new website promoting the title also points to a release in November 2007.

As we already know, the game will take place between Episode III and IV, with player’s assuming the role of Darth Vader’s ‘secret apprentice’, with your task being nothing less than the destruction of the last Jedi in the universe. Plenty of new details about the Star Wars galaxy will be revealed during the new adventure, with your decisions in-game directly changing the game’s conclusion.

Plenty of force powers will be on the roster, and these god-like abilities will combine with the technical prowess of the next-gen consoles to allow enemies to fly through walls, rather than just into them, as well as allowing you to grip foes in mid air before zapping them.

The Havok physics engine will be used, as well as the Euphoria engine, while LucasArts will create the new title in-house.


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