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SoftGrid: Common Mistakes

One of the most common missteps with the SoftGrid client that I have seen over the years is something that is actually merely overlooked. During the installation of the SoftGrid client, the installer program actually asks the user to configure their Desktop Configuration Server. The default behavior of this screen is to be deselected and therefore grayed out. Often, first timers will miss this step and then will not remember or know that they should go into the Client Management Console and add at least one server later.

Later on when they logon to the system, after having Sequenced applications and installed and configured the Server, they expect to see shortcuts for their SoftGrid applications on their desktop. Imagine the disappointment when they see nothing change. The first instinct is to start troubleshooting from the Server Management Console or even dive into the Sequence itself.

How to avoid it: What I recommend people do when they do not see their applications appear at the anticipated shortcut locations is to reduce the areas of concern. What I mean by that is first see from the client whether they can go to “Start -> Run

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