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SoftGrid Client Error 0C-0000003C

A customer has changed the location of the user profiles from a remote file server to the local Citrix Server due to a file server failure. After that the client would receive a 0C-0000003C error attempting to access one very large application or a small application with a lot of files. Rebooting the server would resolve the issue temporarily and we saw these events in the SFTlog.txt:

[07/30/2007 12:36:14.317 ???? ERR] {tid=649C:usr=xxxxxxxxxx}
CVirtualRegistry HandleError 0x8 UploadReadOnlyBlock

[07/30/2007 12:36:14.333 ???? ERR] {tid=649C:usr=xxxxxxxxxx}
CSuite::InternalUpload failure 0xF00980C0000003C while uploading VirtualRegistry

[07/30/2007 12:36:14.333 SWAP INF] {hap=951:app=SomeApplication
Elapsed time for upload: 0.594 seconds

[07/30/2007 12:36:15.317 SWAP INF] {hap=94F:app=BOPS 6:tid=6444:usr=xxxxxxxxxx}
Elapsed time for launch: 4.031 seconds

[07/30/2007 12:36:19.270 SWAP INF] {hap=94E:app=BOPS 6:tid=6450:usr=xxxxxxxxxx}
Elapsed time for launch: 7.953 seconds

[07/30/2007 12:36:20.411 TRAY ERR] {tid=38B8:usr=xxxxxxxxxx}
The SoftGrid Client could not launch <SomeApplication>.An unexpected error occurred. Please report the following error code to your System Administrator.
Error code: 41112E-0F00980C-0000003C

[07/30/2007 12:37:13.504 SWAP INF] {hap=7BA:app=NEWTLOG
App shut down

[07/30/2007 12:37:15.848 SWAP INF] {hap=5A6:app=BOPS 6:tid=3D60:usr=xxxxxxxxxx}
App shut down

[07/30/2007 12:37:22.832 SWAP INF] {hap=5A5:app=ADP 1
App shut down

[07/30/2007 12:37:50.050 SWAP INF] {hap=952:app=Excel TS:tid=4E14:usr=xxxxxxxxxx}
Elapsed time for upload: 0.453 seconds

[07/30/2007 12:37:50.972 OSDF INF] {hap=952:app=Excel TS:tid=4E14:usr=xxxxxxxxxx}
Elapsed time for synchronous pre-launch script
\\xxxxxxxxxx\tsprof\REDIRE~1\acampagn\APPLIC~1\SOFTGR~1\FileName.bat: 0.922 seconds

[07/30/2007 12:37:54.644 SWAP INF] {hap=952:app=Excel TS:tid=4E14:usr=xxxxxxxxxx}
Elapsed time for launch: 5.750 seconds

[07/30/2007 12:38:21.643 ???? ERR] {tid=1FBC:usr=SomeUser}
CVirtualRegistry HandleError 0x8 UploadReadOnlyBlock
0x8 is the key here 0x8 = Not enough storage is available to process this command.
(net helpmsg 8)

You may also find the following event in the event log:

Type: Error
Date: 26.07.2007
Time: 16:04:36
Event: 333
Source: Application Popup
Category: None
Computer: <computerName)

Event Msg: An I/O operation initiated by the Registry failed unrecoverably. The Registry could not read in, or write out, or flush, one of the files that contain the system’s image of the Registry.

Resolution: This issue turned out to be caused due to Page Pool memory starvation or fragmentation.  Sometimes the fix for this kind of issue can be as simple as upgrading the SoftGrid client to 4.1 or higher. Due to some changes we made in version 4.1x these errors are much less common. Of course if you cannot upgrade your client or if you’re already at 4.1x then your next step would be to try implementing the changes in following KB article:

Server is unable to allocate memory from the system paged pool – http://support.microsoft.com/kb/312362

Just be sure you back up any registry keys before making a change, just in case.  Oh, and I suppose you could always increase the reboot cycle of the the affected server (more than a couple have gone this route) but all that’s really doing is masking the problem so keep that in mind.

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Source:→ SoftGrid Team Blog

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