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Slightbox 1.0 Plugin

Slightbox plugin is a combination of Slimbox and Lightbox. It is based on Mootools 1.0 with a darker more SmoothGallery kind of look. Infact, all of the images were made by the creator of SmoothGallery. Slimbox was created by Christophe Beyls as a easy, lightweight replacement to Lightbox. Slightbox should be able to do everything that Slimbox and Lightbox do, so you should be able to just replace your lightbox or Slimbox with Slightbox.


  • Lightweight – only 23 KBs including Mootools
  • Compatible with original Lightbox
  • New dark color scheme
  • Buttons by Jonathan Schemoul
  • Mootools 1.0 Compatible

Installation & usage:

  1. Download Slightbox plugin, and etract to a local folder.
  2. Upload extracted content to wp-content/plugins/ folder.
  3. Activate from the plugins page in Wordpress admin panel.
  4. Go to Plugins and activate Slightbox

The script looks for links with rel=”lightbox” tag in the body of your post. To tell the script to activate lightbox for a specific link you have to create a link with the following syntax.

 Text or image that you want you want to be the link 


To show a individual files in a lightbox

 Lida at the Club

To show images grouped together in slideshow

 Water fall Rocky Mountain 

Home Page

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