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A Single Google Search Uses Same Amount of Computing as the Apollo Program; Blogger’s Dynamic Views Templates Now On Mobile Devices; Map Maker in Lesotho;

Google in a blog post published its findings of comparision of the amount of computation available to NASA engineers in 1969 versus what’s available now stated, “It takes about the same amount of computing to answer one Google Search query as all the computing done — in flight and on the ground — for the entire Apollo program!”

“The Apollo Guidance Computer (AGC) on board the lunar module (LM) executed instructions at a speed of about 40 KHz (or 0.00004 GHz), about 100,000 times slower than a high-end laptop today. There was also a similar real-time computer built into the Saturn V rocket. On the ground, NASA had access to some of the most powerful computers of the day: five IBM model 360/75 mainframe computers, each about 250 times faster than the AGC. They were running nearly 24/7, calculating lift-off data and orbits, monitoring biomedical data during the mission, and performing numerous other calculations,” Google wrote.

“When you enter a single query in the Google search box, or just speak it to your phone, you set in motion as much computing as it took to send Neil Armstrong and eleven other astronauts to the moon.”

“Not just the actual flights, but all the computing done throughout the planning and execution of the 11-year, 17 mission Apollo program. That’s how much computing has advanced. It is easy to take this for granted, but this computing power helps make the world a better place and opens the door for amazing things to come,” Google explained.

Google Transparency Report Page revealed the extent of the search removal requests in the latest update stating “almost 6 million URL search removal requests” in the last month as copyright holders continue their fight against sites offering copyrighted content for download.

“Requests submitted peaked at 1.49 million the week of August 13, compared to 156,708 in the same time period in 2011. The second highest week this year was August 20, which saw the company receive 1.42 million requests to remove results, up from 91,985 during the same weekly period last year.”

By the numbers, in the past month:

  • 5,678,030: URLs requested to be removed
  • 31,628: Specified domains
  • 1,845: Copyright Owners
  • 1,376: Reporting organizations

Removal requests from the “Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) with 841,177; Microsoft’s 681,227 requests, and NBCUniversal’s 254,527 requests,” are among the notable requests.

Check out Transparency page.

Google Transparency Report Auguts 2012 Hits 6 Million URL Removal Requests

Blogger’s Dynamic View templates are now available to mobile. Google introduced Dynamic View templates on Set 27, 2011, and since than “over 2 million blogs have started using Dynamic Views on desktop,” Goolge stated.

“Currently, only the “Classic” view, which is best suited for small screens, will be shown on mobile. Tablets with large screens will get the full desktop experience,” Google writes. As with the older mobile templates, supported browsers are WebKit-based browsers (such as Android Browser, Chrome for Android and iOS, and Mobile Safari).

“If you’re currently using Dynamic Views on the desktop and have the “Default” mobile template selected, you don’t need to do anything — your blog will automatically start using the mobile optimized view when viewed from a compatible mobile browser.”

To configure a Dynamic View for mobile on your blog, select the “Template” tab, and then click on the settings cog under the “Mobile” preview.

For more information, see Blogger Help.

Blogger Dynamic View Templates now on Mobile

Google brings Dynamic View templates to blogger on mobile

Also, the latest Chrome OS Beta 22.0.1229.21 (Platform versions: 2723.37.0) for Chromebooks (Samsung Series 3, Samsung Series 5 550, Acer AC700, and Cr-48) and Samsung Chromebox Series 3 adds following features:

  • “Boot up and startscreen improvements with animation and wallpapers
  • New avatar images for users and guests
  • Use Google Drive apps from the Files app
  • Updated Pepper Flash version
  • Fixes to VPN functionality
  • Updated version of ChromeVox (accessibility tool),” Google informed.

Google also at the Africa Regional Conference in Lagos, Nigeria, announced the availability of Google Map Maker in the Lesotho, Oman and Trinidad & Tobago.

“This marks an important milestone, as the Map Maker tool now enables volunteer mappers to update and edit the entire continent of Africa.”

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