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‘Shared library’ Added to AdWords; Search Funnels Gets New UI

Google AdWords today added two new features to the left navigation panel called the “Shared library” to help you manage your negative keywords and placement exclusions more easily and efficiently by removing the need for duplication of entities across your account.

Placement exclusion lists, similar to negative keyword lists, allow you to create lists of placements to exclude, and associate these lists with multiple campaigns in your account. “For example, say you’ve a set of particular placements on Google Display Network that you don’t want your ads to appear on. Previously, you’d need to add these as placement exclusions to every campaign targeted to the Display Network within your account. With placement exclusion lists, you can create a single list containing these placement exclusions and associate them with any or all the campaigns in your account running on the display network. Additionally, if you wanted to add another exclusion, you’d just have to add it to the list once, and it would automatically apply to all the associated campaigns,” explains Google.

AdWords Placement exclusion

List suggestions feature will tell you where you’re using the same negative keywords or placement exclusions across multiple campaigns and therefore where it would be useful to create lists for these keywords/placements instead.

AdWords List Suggestion

“Search Funnels,” a tool that helps advertisers understand the series of search impressions and search clicks that result in conversions today received a new user interface. Here’s a what is new:

Compare date ranges and see if your funnel has changed year-over-year. Just click on the date range drop down and this menu will appear:

AdWords Search Funnels: Compare date ranges

Access drill-down dimensions quickly via tabs. You’ll see these tabs at the top left of the Search Funnels tables:

View total conversions and conversion value side-by-side in histogram reports, now available in all Search Funnels reports:

Google also made it easier to create persistent drill-down filters so you can view multiple reports focusing on the same analysis. “For example, if you’d like to do an analysis based on “all the Top Paths where the first click was Campaign XYZ,” you can now Save this drill-down and then click through multiple reports. If you no longer want to have this view, just click the “Clear” button above the report title and you’ll return to the unfiltered version of the report,” Google explained:

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