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Share Google Site Search Query Quota between Paid GSS and free CSE – Upcoming Google Docs Features: Improved Paragraph Styles & New Web Fonts

Google Site Search owners who manage multiple Google Site Search engines can now “share query quota between paid GSS and free Custom Search engines.”

In a February 2 Custom Search blog post, Yong Zhu, said, “this may be useful for you if you pay for a quota with Google Site Search and you’d like to share that quota with your Custom Search engines. To do this, add those extra engines to a “business group” to share the quota.”

“To add CSEs to a business group, visit the Business Group page of your GSS’s Control Panel. Click Add and you’ll see a list of the free CSEs that you own or that have been shared with you. Select the free CSEs you wish to add and click OK. All group members will immediately share the quota of your GSS,” explains Zhu.

share google site search query quota with gss and custom search engines

In other Google news, Google is working on an Google Docs update that will bring a better interface for selecting paragraph styles and new features that lets you customize styles.

google adds improved paragraph style to google docs

google docs: new improved paragraph styles

Google Docs will also add some new open source fonts from the Web Fonts project: Amaranth, Arvo, Dancing Script, Lobster, Merriweather, Open Sans, Philosopher, Quattrocento.

google docs: new opn source web fonts

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