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Send a FAX by e-mail

TPC Fax is a free service that makes it possible to send a FAX [for free] to many different parts of the world by using internet e-mail. Any e-mail software can be used to send a text mesage, however formatted documents with fonts and pictures require a more sophisticated e-mail utility. Read Client Software page for more information on this topic.

Before you begin, use our Check Coverage page to verify the area you wish to send a fax to is covered by the TPC Probject. To send your fax via e-mail, start your mail software and compose a new e-mail message.

The Address Format:


  • Use the name of the recipient you wish to have on the coversheet.
  • The character ‘_’ is converted to a space
  • The character ‘/’ is converted to start a new line
  • Do not use long distance and international access codes
  • Begin with country code (1=USA, 44=UK, etc)
  • Strip out punctuation characters
  • Maximum number of digits is 15

An example:


This will send a fax to the number 495-968-2590 (the first ‘1‘ at in the fax number is the country code for the USA)
The coversheet will look like this:

Please deliver to:
Arlington Hewes
Room 403

The message content of the e-mail follows on separate pages of the fax transmission. An e-mail message will be sent back to you confirming the fax was sent, or information about any problems.

Another example:


Note the use of “44” for the UK Country code. This address will send a fax to +44-1813434622, with the name “Darren Nickerson” and “Room 403” on the coverpage. If you need assistance with international country codes, this website has a complete country code list.

TPC Fax | google os

Send a FAX by e-mail, Fax

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