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Review Roundup: Konami’s Elebits – Wii

Konami’s Elebits is probably one of the most underestimated Wii games released, and while it’s not perfect, if offers a lot of fun and addictive gameplay. But since it’s essentially a kids game, it’s too simple and offers little challenge.

GameSpot (75/100) “You’ll come away from Elebits with an interesting mix of reactions. The motion controls are nicely done, and the puzzle nature of the levels can be quite addictive. But as cool as Elebits can be, it’s rarely the game part of it that really stands out. “

IGN (83/100) “Elebits is a great first wave Wii game. Not only does it present some interesting new gameplay mechanics, but it makes full use of the Wii remote to enhance the experience. It’s clear that the title was hatched from the very beginning for Nintendo’s new console and it’s refreshing to encounter a game that could not be done well on any other videogame system.”

GameSpy (60/100) ” Although Elebits offers up plenty of replay options, the game as a whole starts to feel repetitive fairly quickly. After the first hour or so of lift, shoot, capture — lather, rinse, and repeat — the game starts to feel a little stale. There’s just not enough substance to really hold onto the player’s attention for an extended period of time. Still, in short bursts of play, the game manages to remain fairly entertaining.”

Eurogamer (60/100) “Elebits is a fairly competent FPS tidy-’em-up with a great edit mode, but that’s all.”


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