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Resources to Port Website/ Apps to Windows 8 Metro; Release Preview Flavors, Language Pack Installation Details Leaked;

A latest leak details on the Windows 8 Release Preview platform, revealing that Microsoft is gearing up to launch more than a single editions of Windows 8 Release Preview.

Next week, on June 1st, Microsoft will make available Build 8400 of “Windows 8 Release Preview Core, Windows 8 Release Preview Pro, Windows 8 Release Preview ProWMC, and Windows 8 Release Preview China Edition” flavors for both x32 and x64 systems, reports WinUnleaked.

However, the Windows RT version, set to be loaded only on devices that are powered by ARM processors is not found any mention.

Windows 8 Release Preview (Core, Pro, ProWMC)

Windows 8 Release Preview “China” Edition

Also, with Windows 8, Microsoft will make it eaiser the installation of language packs. The company’s upcoming operating system will also offer increased support for languages, with 14 new ones added to the 95 display languages that were available for Windows 7.

Windows 8 Release Preview Language Pack Installation Screen

“One of these will be a stand-alone language, while the other 13 will arrive as display languages, the Redmond-based software giant unveiled back in February. These features will be available for all users who will purchase one of the final flavors of Windows 8, set to arrive on shelves sometime this fall.”

A screenshot embedded below providing an example of Windows 8 handling the installation of language packs. In addition to showing the language currently in use on the computer, the Control Panel will enable users to “Add a language,” which brings up a list of available options. After selecting the wanted language, simply hit Options, then click on “Download and install language pack.” As soon as the process is completed, users will be able to toggle between installed languages from the same panel.

As shown in the screenshot, the same operation can be performed from a DVD that contains the wanted language pack.

Microsoft is also reportedly planning an increase of the licensing fees of the OEM version of its Windows 8 platform. However, Microsoft hasn’t officially announced any plans to make changes for its licensing fees as of yet. Moreover, Taiwan-based supply chain makers, claim that Intel is also aiming at increasing the quotes for processors that power today’s ultabooks. “With Intel’s bill of materials (BOM) for ultrabooks being high, it would become increasingly difficult for vendors and ODMs to keep production costs low to sell more devices in 2012,” cited DigiTimes.

Also, in a blog post, Jennifer Marsman posted a handful of resources that Microsoft offers developers to provide with an insight on Windows 8’s Metro interface, and also offering the tools that provide step-by-step guidance on how to take advantage of what Metro has to offer and to make the move to Metro.

“Do you have an existing website that you would like to take advantage of the great new features in Windows 8 but not sure how to transition to a native Metro app? Or have an existing iPad app and would like to be ready for the Windows 8 launch?,” Marsman writes.

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