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Redesigned AdWords Experience, ‘Ads Added by AdWords’ Pilot, IF Functions and Default Values Rolls Out

An early look of the new AdWords making the marketing experience mobile-first was shared in action in March of 2016, since then the company has onboarded many new accounts into the alpha access, and on Tuesday, Google announced that even more AdWords accounts will be granted access in the next few months.

And asusual, this new experience is also inspired by compannes Material design, that’s now at the core of many Google products like AdSense, Maps, Search, and Gmail. “While this AdWords may look and feel different, your campaigns will run the same as they run today – with no upgrades or migrations,” Google said last year.

Further, the company had said that “through 2016 and into 2017, they’ll continue building this new AdWords experience, and will invite advertisers along the way to try it out.” That said, Google continues to add more features to this UI, “the Advanced bid adjustment menu option on the left navigation is relatively new, for example.”

This new experience, as Google says puts more focus on business, and all the data is available at fingertips—for example, “clutter around the navigation is removed making it a breeze to do more things in less time.” And, the new “Overview page surfaces all relevant insights of an account and also helps in visualizing.”

Furthermore, the company notes, that new tools unique to this new experience to help reach customers in new ways will be introducing in the coming months.

Google AdWords Alpha UI notification

New AdWords UI Overview page

Google AdWords Alpha UI notification

Google back than also said, “invites basis on a number of factors, therefore not all advertisers will be able to test the new experience right away.” With that “some of those who are invited will automatically see the new UI, when signed in to the AdWords, while others may see a notification in the top right corner or at the bottom of the screen to try it out.”

To get started, advertisers are advised to take around the guided tour that launches the first time the new UI loads in an account, so to get familiarize with this new interface. And, of coures, you can toggle back and forth between the new and old UI.

The AdWords Help Center is also being updated to provide additional support as you get acquainted with all the new features.

Example of new Google AdWords Overview cards

Example of new Google AdWords Overview cards

Google on January 26, launched a pilot of “Ads Added by AdWords” program, that adds new text ads based on existing ad and landing page content to ad groups. These ads went through creative review by the product team, as well as sales teams among others, for quality assurance.

The initial set of advertisers for the pilot were notified on Jan 12, and currently, 2,000 accounts have been granted access to the test. “Each of these selected accounts has a two-week opt-out window via this form.” To select the accounts of this pilot, Google looked at campaigns with ad rotation settings of either “Optimize for clicks” or “Optimize for conversions” that have ad groups with few ads in them.

The Help Center page of the program says, “‘Ads Added by AdWords’ are created by Google based on elements of your existing text ads, such as your headlines, keywords, or other information found on your ads’ landing page.” And, “Your reports may show clicks and spend going to these new ads.”

In the example below, Google has added two test ads in an ad group that had just one ad. Notice that the headlines, description and paths are all being tested.

ads added by adwords pilot example

Example: Ads Added by AdWords pilot

Google also says, “We believe that adding more ads to the affected ad groups can improve these ad groups’ performance by 5 to 15%.” And, that “the new ads are set to run indefinitely, and pilot participants are advised not pause existing ads,” added Google.

With Jan 31st, marks the end of the Standard Text Ad format, Google is rolling out “AdWords IF functions” and “default valuse” globally to provide advertisers an ability to customize their ads, much the same way ad customizers do.

The “IF functions customize text ads based on the device the search is made and if the searcher is a new or a returning customer” — all without using a feed. In addition, using IF function, advertisers can show mobile users customized ad text, such as highlighting convenient mobile checkout.

Additionally, Google says that “Default values” can now be used when customizer text can’t be determined from ad customizer feed or IF function.

Say you’re a baking supply retailer promoting professional mixers. You might have an ad headline with an ad customizer set up to show the model name and “mixer.”

With that, starting today, “‘Professional’ can now be set as a default value, ensuring that even if someone searches for a product that isn’t in your feed, they’ll still see the relevant headline ‘Professional mixer’, for example.”

Additionally, by using default values, you no longer need to have an ad without customizers in your ad group.

adwords if functions and default values

AdWords If functions and Default values

In an example Google shows (see below picture), an If function is used to customize the description offer based on whether a user is in the advertiser’s “Cart Abandoners” retargeting list. If they on the list, users will see a “15% off” promotion; if not, they’ll get a “10% off” offer.

example of adwords if function and default value

Example of AdWords If function and Default value

Learn more about the IF function and default values for ad customizers in this Help Center, and about the ad customizer HERE.

According to report, Google, Cloudflare and TripleLift entered into an partnership to deliver instant loading ads on Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs). To acomplish this, Cloudflare has developed a tool called “Firebolt” for delivering ads as fast as AMPs can load, while TripleLift is a native ad network which is now adding AMP support, report AdAge. “Firebolt can cut ad loading times from 2.2 seconds to 700 milliseconds,” said Cloudflare CEO. “This is already being seen in practice though an integration with TripleLift, where Firebolt-based ads are being delivered on properties owned by Time Inc.”

Further he said, “We really got pulled into this space because we desperately care about encrypting everything on the web. Ad networks have little control over serving malware and we turned to encryption to help solve that problem.”

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