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Real-time Alert Available Now on Azure CDN Premium

Real ttime alerts are now possible for Azure Premium CDN for Verizon, enables you continuous monitoring of the health of your CDN service at any time.

With this announcement, you can now set up real time alerts and get notified on delivery anomalies, such as bandwidth, cache statuses, and concurrent connections to your content, said azure team. You can set up either email or HTTP alerts.

In addition Azure CDN premium offering also include advanced and real time analytics capabilities.

These settings can be found on your CDN profile where you can indicate which alert configurations you would prefer.

So far, the real-time alerts seem to only be available for Azure Premium CDN for Verizon according to the overview.

Learn more about how this feature works and how to set them up from the Azure CDN documentation.

Azure CDN Premium Real-time alerts

At Microsoft’s research labs around the world, where a subset of scientists, engineers and programmers have a different goal—”they explore using computer science to help ‘solve’ cancer.”

“We’re in a revolution with respect to cancer treatment,” said David Heckerman, a distinguished scientist and senior director of the genomics group at Microsoft.

“These are our fortes, artificial intelligence and machine learning,” said Hoifung Poon, a researcher, who is using “machine reading” to help oncologists find latest information about effective cancer treatments for individual patients.

Another big advantage: cloud computing. Using tools like Azure cloud computing platform, researchers are able to provide biologists with these kinds of approaches even if medical experts don’t have their own powerful computers, by hosting the tools in the cloud for anyone to access over the internet, writes the research team.

In another instance, Microsoft partnering with automotive companies worldwide to provide the digital platform to help you rethink “what could be” in the digital transformation of the automotive arena.

In this end, company notes, “cloud, data analytics, arti?cial intelligence, augmented reality and other emerging technologies are the tools that enable new, improved and, sometimes, disruptive new business capabilities.”

“Smart cars” have further built upon this mobility and the convenience of individual travel by offering improved road safety, remote maintenance and real-time data for more efficient routing.

Business opportunities presented by these connected cars are outlined in The Future of Automotive, a report released by think tank PSFK in partnership with Microsoft.

 future of automotive as digital technologies kick into gear

At a BRK2260 session MCP is helping you to “Explore Microsoft Cloud Platform System – delivering Azure experiences in an integrated system.” You can expect to hear on the following areas:

  • Explain Microsoft’s hybrid cloud vision
  • Introduce CPS product family (CPS Premium and CPS Standard)
  • Explain WAP / CPS and Azure Stack co-existing strategy and experience
  • Demo the experiences after connecting WAP to Azure Stack, wrties azure team.

Also, now with the newly added capabilities in the Microsoft Cloud such as “Microsoft Flow,” “Microsoft PowerApps,” and “Azure Functions,” it;s now possible for you to design your workflow in a visual designer and just deploy it.

Now in preview, these new cloud offerings foreshadow the future of cloud applications.

Additionally, new Office 365 dev/test environment in Azure now available let you configure a simplified intranet in Azure infrastructure services, an Office 365 Enterprise E5 subscription, and directory synchronization for Azure Active Directory (AD).

With this dev/test environment, you can:

  • Perform Office 365 application development and testing in an environment that simulates an enterprise organization.
  • Learn about Office 365 Enterprise E5 features, experiencing them from a consequence-free configuration that is separate from your organization’s infrastructure and Office 365 subscription and your personal computer.
  • Gain experience setting up directory synchronization between a Windows Server AD forest and the Azure AD tenant of an Office 365 subscription.

You can build Office 365 dev/test environment for free with Office 365 Enterprise E5 and Azure /EMS trial subscriptions:

  • Create a simulated intranet in Azure infrastructure services.
  • Add an Office 365 Enterprise E5 subscription.
  • Configure and test directory synchronization between the Windows Server AD forest of your simulated intranet and the Office 365 subscription.
  • Once complete, you can connect to any computers on the simulated intranet with Remote Desktop connections. You can then perform administration, app development, and app installation and testing, explained azure team.

Additionally, you can also test scenarios or develop applications for a simulated enterprise that is “using both Office 365 and Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS),” azure team noted.

Setting up Office 365 dev/test environment in Azure

Microsoft also helping you to use refresh tokens with your identity provider

Depending on the authentication provider, token expiry range widely varies for ecample: Facebook has a 60-day expiry, while other providers like Google, Azure AD, and Azure Mobile Apps have a 1-hour expiry.

Until now, you had to handle these in your codes to ensure app user authentication and client experience. However, to simplify this token refresh experience, azure team recently baked Auth 2.0’s Refresh Token into Authentication / Authorization’s client SDKs!

With that now instead of adding your own refresh logic for authentication, you can use built-in token refresh feature in Managed Azure Mobile Client SDK 2.1.0. or (later versions) to keep app users logged in.

Intrigued? Read on at Azure blog here.

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