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Real Desktop Light: Windows Vista 3D desktop

Windows Vista has been an all-around disappointment and even those with SP1 have reason to complain. Those with problems are probably more outspoken than those that don’t but the issues keep piling up and Microsoft does little about them. This program may brighten up your Vista experience a tiny bit.

Real Desktop comes it two forms, Real Desktop Standard and Real Desktop Light; major differences set the two apart. With Real Desktop Standard you get all the features and with Light, not so much.

The “light” version gives you a basic, fully 3D desktop environment. You can stack icons, drag them anywhere on the “desk,” flip them around, upside down and several other neat things. What you can’t do is change the wallpaper or orientation of the camera. The other thing that’s annoying is the light version lacks the ability to reset the icon positions; as you can see below, it’s very easy to mess them up.

Dragging the icons into each other causes them to collide and then the physics take over; like a domino effect.  It’s still cool looking but if you’re not careful, things get real messy, real fast.

It’s an interesting concept and let’s hope that Windows 7 includes something like this.  Real Desktop Light is available for Windows XP or Vista and requires at least 1.5GHz processor, 256MB of memory and a Geforce 3 or better graphics card.

But you’ll really want a 2.4GHz processor, 512MB of memory and a video card with 128MB of dedicated memory.  If you enjoy the light version and want to give all the features a try, the standard version costs $25.95.


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