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RC Jordan On Local Search

Graywolf  has interviewed RC Jordan about SEO. Here are some excerpts:

“As for my involvement in SEO, I was sitting at the keyboard when Digital Equipment’s Altavista changed the web. I say it changed everything because AV was the first spidering engine with a hint of mass appeal and popularity. (”Mass” in 1995 was still pretty pitiful in media terms.) The realization of just how much this would profoundly alter the linear nature of web surfing even caused me to call a meeting on how to deal with it. I still remember the subject line of the email; Whoa! This changes everything! I guess if you’re looking for the definitive moment when my SEO thoughts crystallized, that meeting would be it.”

I worry less about the threat of mobile than I do about “specialty browsers” or “surfing channels” being built into the X-box, Wii, and other gaming and home entertainment servers. John Q. Public will accept channeled/gated browsing and, worse, full-blown Push technology because he’s lazy. Searching is work and, to make it worse, he isn’t very good at it.

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